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Henan Xinyuan Superhard Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Road, Zhecheng Industrial Zone, 476200 Shangqiu, Henan

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.02  Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Our products

Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Trench depth special grinding wheel superhard materials

  • Very high cutting ability, from its super hard porous microstructure
  • Large vertical feed, low-Spindle
  • Grinding low heat, minimal structural changes
  • A lot of space for self-sharpening infeed of up to 11mm
  • Long life and stability side edge
  • Economic efficiency of the grinding process in the field of
  • Hardness binding agent may vary according to customer requirements

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Grinding Wheels For Double Edging Machine

These diamond grinding wheels are perfectly suitable for all kinds of double edge machines. According to their diamond grit size, bond agent and structure, they can complete rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, film removal and safety chermfering grinding etc. Customer can choose different diamond grit size according to the glass thickness operating. assisting with double edge machine, Xinyuan diamond wheels with high quality can achieve to have glass converying speed achieved12 meter per miniter.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

CNC Diamond Drilling & Milling Tools

  • Long lifespan which can reduce frenquency of changing
  • High removal rate
  • Good shape retention
  • Low level of cutting edge chipping
  • High surface finish quality

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About us

Company portrait

Xin Yuan Superhard Material Products CO.,Ltd, is a high technology enterprise which specialized in developing and producing superhard abrasive materials and diamond & CBN products, It was founded in 1992 , have more than 300 employees, we have XinYuan and Sihard two brands and thress factories .