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Testbourne Ltd.

Unit C, The Loddon Centre Wade Road, RG24 8FL Basingstoke, Hampshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1256 467055
Fax +44 1256 362955

Our range of products

Product categories

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  • 01.14  Photovoltaic production/Production Technologies
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  •  Coating material, sputtering targets

Our products

Product category: Coating material, sputtering targets

Pure Metal Targets

Testbourne metal sputtering targets have been accepted in a wide range of applications from ferromagnetic thin films, high index films in infrared filters, semiconducting films, capacitor dielectric films, photoconductive films, lubricant films, magnetic and memory elements to name but a few.

Manufacturing processes we use depend on the properties of the target material and its application. Fabrication methods vary from vacuum melting and rolling, hot-pressed, special press-sintered process, vacuum hot-pressed and forged.

Currently our standard round target sizes range from 1" to 20" in diameter, and the rectangular targets are available in lengths up to and over 2000mm in single or multiple piece construction depending on the metal.

Our metal targets are offered in various purity levels to suit your specific requirements, with the minimum purity of 99.9% up to 99.99% for some metals like Aluminium, Copper, Molybdenum and ultra-high purities of 99.995%-99.9995+% for Aluminium, Tellurium, Titanium, Cadmium, Silicon and Molybdenum. Although purity levels higher than required increase material costs, in some instances, the use of too low a purity can result in poor film quality. If you have requirements to specific impurities, we may be able to control them within the target.

In addition to standard configurations we welcome custom design target requests.

To achieve the best performance and to prevent the target from cracking or over-heating, we strongly recommend bonding any material target to a backing plate.

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Product category: Coating material, sputtering targets

Compound Targets

A wide selection of compound based sputtering targets: oxides, nitrides, borides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, carbides, crystalline and composite mixtures.

Testbourne compound target production methods include vacuum hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, cold isostatic pressing, and cold press sintering. Depending on the required material targets can be manufactured from 1 inch up to 20 inches in diameter, rectangular targets are available from small to over 1000mm lengths in single or multi sections.

To achieve the best performance and to prevent the target from cracking or over-heating, we strongly recommend bonding any material target to a backing plate.

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Product category: Coating material, sputtering targets

Rotatable Targets

Rotatable target technology has been used in large area coating manufacturing of architectural glass and flat panel displays.

Rotatable targets have several advantages over planar targets. Rotatable targets normally contain more material and offer a greater utilization in comparison to planar targets. This in turn results in much longer production runs and reduced downtime of the system. The overall benefit is an increase in the throughput of the coating equipment. Secondly, the rotatable targets allow the use of higher power densities due to the heat build-up being spread evenly over the surface area of the target. As a consequence, an increased deposition speed can be seen along with an improved performance during reactive sputtering.

Testbourne Ltd are now supplying cylindrical magnetron sputtering targets which are manufactured in many sizes, ranging from 2" up to 8.625" in diameter, with lengths from a few inches up to 160 inches.

The most commonly used C-MAG rotary targets are available in Chromium, Silver, Aluminium-Silicon, Tin, Titanium Oxide, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Tungsten, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Niobium, Copper and Zinc alloys.

The standard manufacturing methods are plasma spraying onto the base tubes, casting and extrusion of the complete assembly.

If you require non-standard size product, please Click Here for our custom product enquiry form.

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About us

Company portrait

Testbourne Ltd is a professional high technology / materials company, supplying high purity materials, single crystals & wafers, evaporation sources, ceramic to metal components, thin film measuring and control, sample preparation and industrial microwave equipment. Established in 1978 we have over 36 years of experience with metals, alloys and compounds, in a variety of market areas including glass coatings, electronics, energy, defence, semiconductors, decorative & hard wearing coating industries, government research establishments and universities.

The Testbourne name is synonymous with Service! Our company’s objective is to provide a fast and efficient service, with full technical support to all our customers worldwide.

Our production caters for small R&D requirements to large scale mass production quantities. By working closely with our customers from the initial R&D stage right through to on-line production, we can be sure to maintain a high quality product.

We look forward to working with you.