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Wuning Honghui New Material Co., Ltd.

Wuning Industrial Park, 332300 Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province
Telephone +86 571 28151135
Fax +86 571 28151137
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Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.02  Laminated glass
  •  Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Our products

Product category: Laminated safety glass (LSG)

PVB Resin

With high transparency, good toughness, flexibility, low temperature to fight resistance, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, water, oil, anti-aging. PVB has very strong adhesiion to many kinds of materials such as: glass, metal, plastic, wood, leather and other materials, also has pigment dispersion and the excellent solubility of the resin.

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Product category: Laminated safety glass (LSG)

PVB Interlayer

PVB interlayer is a polymer material made by polyvinyl butyral resin through the plasticizing and extrusion molding of the plasticizer DHA plastics. It’s a translucent film which has a certain roughness and softness. PVB Interlayer has high adhesive stress with inorganic glass, and excellent transparent, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, humidity resistance and other properties, it is the best adhesive material for laminated glass.

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Product category: Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Use process

Choose the appropriate glass to make precise cutting, The error of over 2mm is not permitted so that no air bubbles can be produced due to irregular edges; the cutting glass should be grinded and then cleaned to remove all the oil stain or other defects by a cleaner; the softened water must be used at the final stage of cleaning to avoid any rejection of products due to too weak adhe-sive force. After drying the cleaned glass, it shall be placed to the indoor tem-perature for reserve.

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About us

Company portrait

Honghui’s PVB Interlayer went into production in 2014. The PVB Interlayer plant covers another area of 20000 sqm. HongHui has three advanced PVB Interlayer production lines with a total annual output of 10 000 tons. We have 80 excellent employees and introduced advanced machines &technology to establish a complete quality control system. We use self-made high quality PVB Resin to make PVB interlayer. Whether in production scale, technical level &degree of automation, or on product quality, Honghui stands at the leading position of Chinese PVB Industry.