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Hunprenco Precision Engineering Ltd.

Bridlington Road Hunmanby, YO14 0PH Filey
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1723 890105
Fax +44 1723 890018

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.13  Moulds for glass production

Our products

Product category: Moulds for glass production


Hunprenco has worked closely with glass container companies to develop material and production methods to assist the glass industry in its efforts for increased efficiency, reduction in downtime and improved enviroment friendly quality containers.

There has been a call to product lighter containers and the market is moving more towards the Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) forming process technology, which has increasingly become an alternative to the conventional Blow Blow production method. This NNPB production is helping customers to increase production speeds and save energy, while also improving returns on investment via the production of lighter containers.

  • Three tungsten/nickel coatings giving a hardness range of 56HRc to 62HRc
  • One tungsten/cobalt coating giving a hardness range of 59HRc to 63HRc combined with elevated working temperature characteristics.

Our plungers are manufactured with various coatings depending on customer preference, applied by state of the art technology ensuring a uniform dense coating.

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Product category: Moulds for glass production

Cooling Tubes

In 1999 Hunprenco started supplying cooling tubes to customers to the same standard and quality as the plungers. This developed into the cooler division.
Cooling tubes for both NNPB and Standard Press/Blow production are produced on CNC machines. Tube coolers are swaged to meet customer requirements for profile and accuracy, using swaging dies manufactured in-house to cover a wide range of tube sizes in both mild steel and stainless steel.

The swaging technique ensures a uniform wall thickness and maintains concentricity to give excellent base fit and assembly, also allowing the internal tip profile to smoothly follow the external tip profile to improve cooling air flow within the plunger.

In addition, an anti-rotation mechanism has been implemented to eliminate movement and enhance cooler performance.

All cooling tubes undergo inline inspection, as well as final inspection, which includes a water and airflow test for vent hole clearance. A certificate of conformity is issued with all goods dispatched.

Tube Material and Sizes

A vast range of standard die sets are in stock and these are manufactured in-house with this facility able to produce additional to customer requirements.

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Product category: Moulds for glass production

Precision Engineering

Hunprenco also manufacture a wide range of machine parts including adapters, split collars, verti-flow plates, mould arm inserts, pistons, sleeves and coated rollers for printing and other industries to customer requirements.

PE currently has the ability to manufacture, coat and grind components, as required. As single units to medium batch sizes, from simple seals to very complex manifolds, covering a wide range of sectors including roller manufacture, printing, rail, glass, pumps, shafts, gearboxes and also more general engineering.

Our reputation in the Precision Engineering sub-contract market is built upon our customer service, both in terms of the quality and consistency of our machining, and meeting tight deadlines with a rapid turnaround of components. All this is supported by our audited quality system, certified to ISO9001.

Our dedicated inspection department checks all machined components to ensure they meet customer requirements.

With a comprehensive range of 4 and 5 axis CNC milling, drilling and turning machines, as well as a 6 axis cylindrical grinding machine, we are able to handle the majority of customer requirements. 

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About us

Company portrait

Where it all started...

Hunprenco was established in 1969 by Mr Eddie Neesom, who is Chairman and Managing Director. He started a small engineering workshop in a disused stable in the North Yorkshire village of Hunmanby on the east coast of England, as well as continuing his work as a Technical Steel Sales Representative.

From his small engineering workshop Eddie began manufacturing small engineering components on a part-time basis that was no more than a paying hobby until one day in 1974 when he was approached by two gentlemen from a glass container company in South Yorkshire. They required used plungers to be refurbished. All this has resulted in the company being where it is today, recognized as the largest plunger and cooler manufacturer to the glass container industry throughout the world.

Eddie was fully aware that the company required a logo for advertisement along with product identification and therefore came up with the idea of HUNPRENCO from the original name of Hunmanby Precision Engineering Company. Letters from the start of each word were compiled to form the name HUNPRENCO.