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Tecnosens S.p.A.

Via Vergnano, 16, 25125 Brescia (BS)
Telephone +39 030 3534144
Fax +39 030 3530815
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.03  Measuring devices to be used on site

Our products

Product category: Measuring devices to be used on site

Sensors Division

The sensors division is responsible for company's original business.   Its activity mainly concerns the distribution of a wide range of sensors and measurement systems for physical and chemical dimensions.   Thanks to the different technologies of the traded sensors, we are able to provide technology in several applications, ranging from the industrial sector to the domestic one, from the automotive to the medical sector. The ten-year close cooperation with manufacturing companies, of which we are exclusive distributors, allows us to technically support the customer in the development of its application and in the choice of the sensors to be integrated.   Below, the product range and some of the examples among the infinite possible applications:
  • Tecnosens products
  • Gas sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Sensors and vision systems
  • Humidity & temperature sensors
  • Optoelectronic sensors
  • Electroacoustic transducers
  • Micro pumps

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Product category: Measuring devices to be used on site

Automation Division

The automation division deals with two different activities:
  • Distribution of sensors for measurement in industrial automation where potential customers are companies operating in the automation sector that integrate these devices in the control of a production process or quality control. The technologies we deal with range from traditional to non-contact and optical technologies used to recognize physical parameters such as size, color, flow and image.
  • Realization of integrated systems for dimensional control of glass with development of dedicated applications, for the automotive sectors for the control of the curvature of the automotive glass and container glass bottles, for the measurement of stress, the detection of the shape, of the thickness and of the code of the container.
The sensors commercialized by this division are used in the industrial sector as regards the dimensional control of mechanical components, in the packaging sector and more generally in the field of automation processes of industrial measurement processes.   Shown below are some examples of the many possible applications:
  • Residual stress measurement
  • LVDT/HBT contact transducers
  • Mass flow meters
  • Non contact probes
  • Magnetic linear encoders
  • Complete measuring systems
  • Magnetostrictive tranducers
  • Machine vision
  • Spectrometers

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Product category: Measuring devices to be used on site

Laser division

The Laser division of Tecnosens deals with the marketing of Fujikura’s fiber optic laser sources, a Japanese company founded in Tokyo in 1885, today a multinational company with over 58.000 employees, more than 90 branches spread throughout the world and a total turnover exceeding 6.5 billion dollars.
The range of fiber laser sources proposed includes:
  • Pulsed fiber laser sources with average power 30W, 55W and 100W
  • Single-mode continuous wave sources, with power from 300W to 2KW
  • Multimode continuous wave sources, with power from 1KW to 12KW
The philosophy of Tecnosens and Fujikura considers service as an essential element to complete the values offered to customers: not only product and technology but also the possibility of using them at best, over time.   For this purpose, in Tecnosens headquarters is located the European Center for the support and development of Fujikura laser applications (European Engineering Center).
The center, in addition to a large technical area, has services and logistics areas, with a local spare parts warehouse, Italian technicians and resident Japanese personnel, available for:
  • realization of demonstrations and working samples
  • technical application support
  • technical assistance
  • customer training
  • Pulsed Fiber Laser Sources
  • Continuous Wave Monomode Fiber Laser Sources
  • Continuous Wave Multimode Fiber Laser Sources

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About us

Company portrait

We have been designing, developing and producing highly innovative solutions to automate work and make life easier for our customers since 1994
We started to deal with sensors in 1994. Since then we have grown and changed, but one thing remained the same: we still are perfectionists and scrupulous as we have always been. We like to work well and with precision, to be competent on what we sell and do, to take responsibility for our commitments and promises and have clear and transparent relationships both with our partners and our customers.
We have reinvested in the company all the resources generated over the years thinking about its future development. Stingy with our shareholders, we have grown thanks to self-financing.
Our story is all here, step by step, persevering with the same initial approach, with commitment and looking to the future, valuing strong teamwork, sharing the ethical values that characterize the company in internal relations and towards customers and partners.