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C.M.S. S.p.A.

Via Antonio Locatelli, 123, 24019 Zogno (BG)
Telephone +39 0345 64111


Giulio Vitelli

+39 0345 64111


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.01  Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
  • 02.01.01  Cutting technology
  •  Cutting technology for float glass
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.01  Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
  • 02.01.01  Cutting technology
  •  Cutting technology for laminated safety glass (LSG)
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.02  Drilling technology

Our products

Product category: Cutting technology for float glass, Cutting technology for laminated safety glass (LSG)

brembana runner line - cutting table

Fixed cutting table with glass transport belts, three interpolated axes for cutting panes of straight and shaped flat glass with thickness from 3 to 19 mm, normally in line with loader and cut off bench.
• The system with belts allows the automatic movement of glass sheets for every cycles: in-feeding, positioning, working and out-feeding.
• Wide range of loading configuration and costumization, able to satisfy every customer’s request.
• The cutting in-line with loading, cutting and unloading, allow to process higher quantities, avoiding losses of time compared to standalone cutting tables.

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Product category: Drilling technology

Brembana Vertec - CNC vertical drilling machine

CNC vertical machine for drilling, countersinking, milling and notching operations on monolithic, laminated and Low-E glass.
• possibility to work both rectangular and shaped glass sheets (one rectilinear side required)
• two coaxial opposed electrospindles and tool cooling system with internal and external water, which enables a higher finishing and machining quality
• two 9+9 stations NC-controlled rotating tool crib installed on a carriage fixed to the electrospindle, ensure tool change operations in the shortest time
• high-pressure water cushion (patented)

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Product category: Cutting technology for float glass, Cutting technology for laminated safety glass (LSG)

brembana maxima - 5-axis cnc machine for glass processing

5-axis interpolated Numerically Controlled machining center with automatic tool change for the working of flat glass sheets of all thicknesses and bent glass. It carries out all types of edge grinding and polishing, arising, milling, cutting with disk, drilling, contouring, engraving, writing, variable-angle beveling operations and special machining. It’s the sturdiest machining center in the field, which makes it ideal for any type of working condition.
• wide rotation of axes C (4th axis) and B (5th axis) for the realization of 0-90° variable-angle beveling and dynamic variation of the bevel depth. The  configuration with diamond disk is also available for straight and inclined cuts
• Z-axis stroke from 460 to 900 mm for the most demanding works on bullet-proof, military, aerospace and special glass sheets
• thanks to the high configurability of the machine, it is possible to process glass sheets in massive sizes

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Product category: Cutting technology for float glass, Cutting technology for laminated safety glass (LSG), Drilling technology

brembana profile - Vertical CNC modular machining center

Introduced by CMS in 1997, Brembana Profile is the first real “vertical” CNC working center, designed for grinding, milling and drilling glass sheets vertically. Due to over 20 years of experience, now, CMS can offer a complete machining center that completely meets any customer’s needs. According to the configuration, Brembana Profile can carry out arising, polished and industrial grinding, milling, and coaxial drilling operations with absolute accuracy, thanks to the advantages of vertical machining. Available in different sizes, it enables working small- and large-sized sheets up to 7500x3300 mm (other maximum workable dimensions on request). Brembana Profile can be installed as a stand-alone machine, in line with a drilling-milling machine or inside a double-glazing line:
• loading/unloading operations can be carried out either manually or by CMS automatic systems
• the bearing structure of the machine is made of thick steel, treated with rustproofing and ceramic paint
• maximum flexibility in the format and production batch change operations: no machine set-up operations are required
• new protection for maximum safety during machining and reduction of overall dimensions
• CMS “glass-guide” system which ensures perfect coaxiality between glass and grinding wheel

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Company news



12 Nov 2020

CMS Glass Technology Live Show on 12th November

CMS Glass Technology invites you stay together - or rather, stay tuned! - and open the doors to the largest event in the industry, and one that is completely unique:

Fresh content in live streaming, available in 8 languages, directly from the Technology Centre in Zogno.
We will show you exclusively all the latest developments in the Glass Technology sector.
A brand new way of communicating, smart and human at the same time, to keep in touch and confirm once again that CMS is always at your side, today more than ever.

Registration has already started, fill out the form now and guarantee yourself a place up front for the world event of the year!

12 NOVEMBER 2020
  • 8.30am - 11.30am (CEST)
  • 5 pm - 8 pm  (CEST)
Live in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese!


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20 Oct 2020

The finest quality of grinding ever: speed & maxima

Glass is an excellent furnishing element that adds elegance to its surroundings and accentuates goods in shops.
If the purpose of glass is to be lightweight and unobserved so as not to steal the show from the goods on display, then it is must be ground to perfection.
Grinding with Belleville washers makes the edges shiny and completely defect free.
CMS Glass Technology meets this requirement with a series of 4 and 5-axis machines that guarantee top quality grinding even on curvilinear courses.
Thanks to the use of angular drives, the CMS speed models allow you to shine and chamfer glass that is more than 30 mm thick.
  • When the thickness become even more significant, the CMS maxima model can shine thicknesses of up to 100mm, due to the use of the 5° axis
  • Its manufacture imprint is 13% lower compared to that of competitors
  • With 30 kW of power it can shine glass up to 100mm with unrivalled quality
  • Variable dimension bevelling along the profile
  • Maximum dimensions 10,000 x 3,300
  • 30 kW Spindle, 12,000 rpm
  • Automatic re-qualification of the plate position
  • Automatic tool brightening

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About us

Company portrait

CMS Glass Technology is a leader in the field of curved and flat glass working with technologically advanced solutions such as numerically controlled machining centres, cutting benches and water-jet cutting systems. Thanks to the tradition and experience of the historic brands Brembana and Tecnocut, today CMS Glass Technology is an absolute protagonist in this sector for the manufacturing of innovative solutions dedicated to architecture and interior decoration.

CMS is part of SCM Group, a technological world leader in processing a wide range of materials: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal and composites. The Group companies, operating throughout the world, are reliable partners of leading manufacturing industries in various market sectors, including the furniture, construction, automotive, aerospace, ship-building and plastic processing industries. SCM Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellence in 3 large highly specialized production centres employing more than 4,000 workers and operating in all 5 continents. SCM Group: the most advanced skills and know-how in the fields of industrial machinery and components.

Company data

Sales volume > 100 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Number of employees > 500
Foundation 1967
Area of business
  • Glass processing and finishing
  • Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines

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