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  • 02.06.02  Enameling machines, thermal printing equipment

Enameling machines, thermal printing equipment

Our products

Product category: Enameling machines, thermal printing equipment


Multifunction coating head

The new Starline RBS is a multi-functional coating head offering on the same station any possible wet coating possibility.
It's designed for both direct and transfer coating operation, then to manufacture artificial leather, coated textiles and other coated materials in bobbin.
With Starline RBS it is possible to apply any kind of solvent based or water based resin (PU, acrylic, silicone, etc) and to work with foamed products.
A rotating turret enables to quickly and easily change the coating system as required by the production requirements of the moment.

The coating systems available on the machine are:

  • thickness coating over counter-roller;
  • "on-air" coating (floating knife) by doctor blade (knife);
  • SYNCHRO rollercoating over counter-roller;
  • REVERSE rollercoating over counter-roller;
  • "on-air" REVERSE rollercoating.
The Starline RBS features a solid monolithic steel frame, welded for an higher torsional rigidity and a turret supporting the roller changing device. The latter can be configured to mount two engraved rollers and one doctor blade (coating knife) or two blades and one engraved roller.

The micrometric adjustment of the coating thickness is motorized, with value digital display on the control panel, and can be set independently right/left or in tandem.

The two drives for the colour doctor blade (one for SYNCHRO operation, the other for REVERSE) are fully pneumatic. The doctor blades themseves are now mounted with auto-aligning supports to assure a perfect alignment and constant uniform pressure over the entire length of the cylinder. This system improves the life duration of engraved roller and doctor blade and a better precision in terms of weight of chemical deposited onto the web. The colour doctor blade, made of extremely rigid steel that guarantees a vibration free action, is provided with an alternative oscillating movement for its cleaning and even wearing out.

Starline RBS is equipped with piping for the resin distribution and engraved roller cleaning at colour change.

All the functions of the machine, controlled by a PLC of the last generation, are located in a large and convenient control panel that can be positioned by the operator.

A wide range of options is available to fit out the machine for the required field of application, such fabric wideners, pumps, rubberised counter-roller and other dedicated accessories.

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Product category: Enameling machines, thermal printing equipment


Knife coating head - TF and TM versions

Uniroll SP is a traditional coating head, available in two models:

  • TF for thickness coating, simple and reliable, and
  • TM for thickness and "on-air" coatings
Uniroll SP is a sturdy machine, to guarantee a coating precision of ± 1/100 mm.
It features a two-position blade holder for a quick change, by manual rotation, between the two different knives. The blade-holder is mounted on two side turrets, who can be shifted on their horizontal axis, in order to coat by knife over roller or "on-air". The shifting is manual by handwheels or, as option, motorized.
The adjustment of the working thickness (clearance) is motorized and independent for the two sides, with quote visualisation on a digital display located on the control panel.
The main electrical panel is fitted in the machine shoulder to reduce the requirement of space and simplify the erection. The machine electronics is including a PLC to manage the various functions.

It is available a complete range of accessories, suited for the different fields of applicationt and/or automatize its operating.

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Product category: Enameling machines, thermal printing equipment


Rollercoater machine for the enamelling of float glass edges

GlassLine is a new machine to enamel the edges of float glass sheets by means of a steel engraved cylinder.
It is a completely new project based on the well-known technologies of enameling by a reverse roller.
Glass line has been designed to provide answers to a peculiar need of glasses bound to building and interior decoration, i.e. the coating of a frame on the four edges of the sheet. Frame sizes: min. 5 mm max. 300 mm.
This operation is performed in 4 passes with the return and 90° rotation of the sheet between one pass and the next. After all four sides have been worked, the sheet is sent to the oven for drying.
The machines grants the possibility to enamel sheets with thicknesses from 2 mm. to 25 mm. and sizes up to 2.600 mm. In just one pass, a constant and uniform quantity of enamel can be applied up to 400 g/mq.
It is possible to coat by ceramic enamels and organic paints.
The system is composed by three elements: entry rollercoanveyor, coating module and exit rollerconveyor. To turn and rotate long sheets, it is available a side rollerconveyor, mounted on rails.

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About us

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Manufacturing program
Rollmac manufacturing program includes:

Coating heads:

  • Uniroll SP knife coating head
  • Starline RBS multifunction coating head by knife and engraved roller
  • Starline RS coating head by engraved roller
  • Starlab laboratory coating head by engraved roller
Machinery and plants for the textile industry:

  • Direct coating lines for fabrics and textile supports
  • Wet laminating lines for textiles
  • Transfer coating lines for the manufacturing of PVC / PU synthetic leather
  • Embossing lines for PVC / PU synthetic leather and PVC foils
  • Rotogravure printing lines for PVC / PU synthetic leather
  • Inspecting machines for release casting paper
  • Labline 800 laboratory coating and laminating pilot plant
  • Foammix and Micromix foam generators for water based chemicals
Machinery and plants for the plastic and rubber industry

  • Rubberstar coating head by engraved roller for rubber sheets
  • Adhesivation coating lines
  • Rotogravure printing lines for plastic films
Machinery and plants for the tanning industry

  • Rollercoaters for leather finishing
  • Starlab laboratory rollercoater
  • Foammix and Micromix foam generators for water based chemicals
  • Bonded leather finishing lines (salpa)
  • Splits upgrading lines by PU film
Machineryfor the float glass industry

  • Multiglass rollercoater for float glass sheets
  • Coloriglass rollercoater for float glass sheets
  • Glassline edge rollercoater for float glass sheets
  • Glassdrier IR dring and curing oven by infra-reds

  • Engraved rollers for coating
  • Photoengraved rollers for rotogravure printing