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Shanghai Huang Fa Ji Machineries and Moulds Co., Ltd.

No. 215 Xingang Rd., Yuewang Town, 215437 Taicang, Jiangsu
Telephone +86 158 50280070
Fax +86 512 82708788

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.07  Press machines
  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.08  Press-blow-machines
  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.09  Spinning machines

Our products

Product category: Press-blow-machines

JBYC9-1680 Glass Press Blow Machine

This machine is used for manufacturing of mug by press blow with two half hinge moulds. The work of gob getting, press, oral forming, blow, cooling, products takeout, moulds lubrication and other process of glass press blow is finished on 9 different stations. The machine uses hydraulic press forming for the neck of glass products and blow for the body.

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Product category: Spinning machines

CLX8-1600 Glass Spinning Machine

This machine is mainly used for producing glassware of block mould likes plates and sundries. The machine has asynchronous motors drive the trays, which adopts Y electromotor drive, transmission adopt Geneva drive, Maltese cross his extremely mechanism conquer the strike of Commonness Geneva wheel during Start or pause point, so it makes the spinning machine keeping stable during rapidly running, the function is stable, wear well. The machine speed can reach 38 pcs/min.

Main Technical Parameter:
installation diameter of spinning moulds: 200mm
spinning motor power: 5.5KW ×8
table diameter: 1880mm 
station No.: 8
PCD: 1600mm
maximum speed:38t/min (50Hz)

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Product category: Press machines

JBY-24/42SFKJ-2380 Double Gob Split Moulds Servo Glass Press Machine

This press machine is double gob press machine with servo motor for pressing for both split moulds and block moulds, which is used for making kinds of glass table wares and sundries. It mainly consists of turning part and press part. The turning part interval swing mechanism design with special maltese mechanism which overcomes the instant impact resulting from the startup and stop by grooved pulley and makes machine run table in high speed maximum 45pcs/min. pressing part adopts servo motor which drives press shaft with special designed transmission and software program to achieve the press movement required by forming technology. Moreover, this machine is easy to do parameter adjustment, runs stably with low noise and energy but high production efficiency. Compared with single gob hydraulic press machine, it can save 35-40% energy for same production.

Main Technical Parameters:
 press motor power: 8kw/11kw *2
 maximum stroke of cylinder: 250mm (可定制customizable)
pressure : 0.8-6t
 diameter of turntable: 2380mm
station no.: 24
maximum speed: 42pcs/min

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Product category: Press machines

Shanghai Huang Fa Ji Machineries and Moulds Co., Ltd.


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About us

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Glass press, press and blow machine, fire polisher, automatic printer, conveyor, stacker, moulds etc.. Huang Fa Ji is the first manufacturer of complete automatic glass press in China. We can provide related services like design, installation, adjustment, training etc. and offer technical service and support according to client’s different products, different glass material and different technique requirement to fulfill client’s production techniques and requirements.

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