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P.O. Box 50022, 19300 Aspropyrgos
84, Kriezi str., 19300 Aspropyrgos
Telephone +30 210 4082642
Fax +30 210 4082643

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.09  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.09.01  Glazing, glass building
  •  Construction with glass, specialist glazing systems
  •  Specialist construction (shower partition walls)

Specialist construction (shower partition walls)

Our products

Product category: Specialist construction (shower partition walls)

VI 28

A brand new proposition, with minimal intersections - just 28mm in height,
composed of a central base - profile and a second profile acting as a clasp - cubit.

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Product category: Specialist construction (shower partition walls)

PS 80

PS 80 is a fresh idea in office partition design, or everywhere else it may be applied to.The PS 80 partition system features a mobile architecture and can be built to order in various options: triple-glazed (PS80.111), double-glazed (PS80.101), off-set single-glazed (PS80.001), central single-glazed (PS80.010), with a total thickness of 80 mm. Its adaptively modular design allows for flexibility in height and width dictated by the characteristics of the layout or by specific design requirements. Laminated, tempered glass panels can be used of 8mm-12mm thickness.

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Product category: Specialist construction (shower partition walls)


Internal glass door, composed of minimal aluminium profile, hinges and lock. A contemporary proposition, suitable for offices and working spaces. The aluminium can be dyed in any RAL color, or special paint, wood-like colouring and anodized hue.

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About us

Company portrait

IaloNet was founded in 1985. Via a constant need for development, the company managed to get established among the major companies in the con struction industry, instantly recognizable throughout Greece. Nowadays, IaloNet operates in custom-made restraint glazing accessories but also related accessories, such as hinges, locks, etc.

Based on the accumulated knowledge and experience more than 20 years, in 2009 we started the “in-house” design and production of architectural systems and acclaimed components, in an effort to build our own brand on new paths rather than replicating of existing market products. Our signature systems, like the folding doors system “MW72” and the glass banister K1800 system, are now considered the industry benchmarks.

We envision a modern company, a pioneer in everything it does. A company which does not follow the paved track, but it sets the standards and creates new breakthroughs in the market. A leader in both the domestic and international markets. A living organization that creates a need and does not serve it! For this, we always keep a close eye on international developments, with an absolute commitment to the principles and philosophy. In 2013 we opened our first international branch in Tirana (Albania), through which we cover the needs of Albania and Kosovo-Montenegro. Additionally, we have developed significant commercial partnerships in Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Our partnerships include, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Qatar, Jedah, Bahrein.

Today, we are proud to state that IaloNet is a leader in our field and one of the 'top-of-mind” companies the market.