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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.09  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.09.01  Glazing, glass building
  •  Construction with glass, specialist glazing systems
  •  Brackets and glass fittings

Our products

Product category: Brackets and glass fittings

Planet NoHander: the foot door opener

The Planet NoHander keeps hands clean and free: Open doors easily and ingeniously with your foot

Most people do not like to touch door handles anywhere where there is a high volume of people. Our hygiene requirements have also changed drastically. But in the past, alternative door opening options were expensive and complex. This has prompted our team at Planet to develop a completely new product: the Planet NoHander.

This new foot door opener can open practically all types of leaf door: standing on the foot handle pulls the latch down and the opened door can simply be pushed or pulled open with the foot. The usage options of the NoHander are practically endless: at hospitals, care facilities and in the commercial sector. In the office or public areas too, particularly on toilet doors, the Planet NoHander is the perfect solution.

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Product category: Brackets and glass fittings

Automatic swing door

Comprehensive portfolio, convincing technology and design are our arguments.   Automatic swing door drives for doors weighing up to 250 kg with or without integrated smoke detectors offer the greatest possible user-friendliness with the simplest installation. ASSA ABLOY carries a complete assortment from mechanical door closers for all application areas to electromechanical systems for fire doors.   An advantage is the CAM-Motion technology: Although they are equipped with door closers, doors can be opened without a drive and without exerting force.

Our products:
  • Swing door drive
  • Motorised locks
  • Electric strikes
  • Door closers

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Product category: Brackets and glass fittings

FlipLock – a lock that provides the right solution for every door

Easy and quiet opening - even under heavy preloads!   The modularity of the FlipLock meets the requirements of every door situation. For simple, mechanical solutions to highly complex biometric access control in double doors, there are practical and uncomplicated products available. Temperature fluctuations leaving traces on both exterior and interior door: the doors go out of shape. The “Flip” latch ensures easy opening and thanks to the integrated sound insulation also in a quite manner, even under heavy preloads.   FlipLock offers you:
  • “Flip” latch with noise insulation
  • Easy opening under heavy preload
  • Mechanical and motorized versions
  • Variant including automatic locking
  • Variant with mechanically switchable daily function
  • Version with motor-engageable door handle
  • Backset 30-80mm
  • Used in escape and rescue routes (double doors)
  • Used for access and fire doors
  • The variety of FlipLock variants is reflected in the application examples

Commercial objects or security institutions
FlipLock is used where safety aspects play an essential role. Access controls or specific access authorizations with bagdes can be regulated with this solution. The notorious FlipLock access with an evaluation control can in this case be the ideal solution to evaluate individual lock contacts.

For private multi-family or single-family homes
The motorized version FlipLock drive, in combination with biometric instruments (bagde or ekey finger reader) allows individual access to authorized persons.

Public buildings such as schools
FlipLock offers the simple mechanical version with the manual switchable daily function. Especially for situations in which the doors must be periodically passable. If the daytime function is switched off, the door can always be left from the inside via the door handle or a pushbar, after which it locks again automatically.

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About us

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ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions. We are dedicated to improving our customer’s lives through innovative products that offer great security, safety and convenience.

ASSA ABLOY Switzerland Ltd.
ASSA ABLOY is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of lock solutions and security systems relating to all aspects of the door. With over 660 leading brands in more than 70 countries, we develop, produce and sell products and services for the cons…

About ASSA ABLOY Group
ASSA ABLOY was formed in 1994 through the merger of ASSA in Sweden and Abloy in Finland. Since then ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with around 46,000 employees and annual sales close to 7.3 billion.

Sustainability is a key driver throughout ASSA ABLOY's value chain; it is an important element in innovation, sourcing, production and employee development.