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Levazim Mah. Koru Sk. Korukent Sit. A1 Blok, No: 26C Besiktas, 34340 Istanbul
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.03  Preparation of raw materials and batches
  • 01.03.03  Metering and weighing technology

Metering and weighing technology

Our products

Product category: Metering and weighing technology


ADW | Fully Automatic Powder Dyestuff Weighing, Dissolving and Dispensing System

We know you want to speed up your dyeing process while achieving the highest quality with repeatabilty and maximum efficiency.

ADW will help you;

  • Speed up your process and increase your total dyeing capacity.
  • Ensure repeatable quality with precise dyestuff weighing, dissolving and dispensing technology.
  • Ultimately to bring highest efficiency for your investment with least space, no queing in dyestuff preparation and stockless working using JIT (Just in Time) methodology.

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Product category: Metering and weighing technology


RDD | Fully Automatic Bulk Powder Dyestuff Weighing, Dissolving and Dispensing System


We know that weighing, dissolving and transferring high amounts of powder dyestuffs (especially in primary colors) are very critical for your textile dyehouse.
RDD; thanks to its innovative “Continuous Weighing, Dissolving and Dispensing System” it can dispense the dyestuff uninterruptedly without waiting and dividing into small portions and thus it is the fastest dyestuff automation ever built.

It can dispense up to 430 kg of dyestuff at once with 0,1% accuracy.


RDD carries out weighing and dissolving operations simultaneously while taking the powder dyestuff out from its silo in the flow direction. It ensures accelarated dyestuff preparation with integrating the processes and weighing, dissolving and dispensing the dyestuff at the same time. By this means maximum transferring speed and capacity is granted. Unlike the conventional systems, you have the freedom to dispense all powder dyestuff stored in its silo in one go without any interruption, as you are not limited to the capacity of your dispensing tank.

RDD will make you forget about dispensing in portions with delays and capacity limits and will open a new horizon.

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Product category: Metering and weighing technology

LAB 120

LAB 120 | Fully Automatic Laboratory Dispensing System

Preparation of the recipe in the laboratory is the first step of the dyeing process. At this stage, the right colors and chemicals must be combined with high precision. LAB 120 automatic lab dispensing system is specially designed with high technology to match the highest precision requirements for laboratory processes.


LAB 120 has varying dyestuff capacity, 40, 80, 120 or even 160 different colours are applicable to match your requirements. It is equipped with Automatic Self Calibration System and thus, after each recipe it calibrates itself to maintain the same precision and repeatability.

It performs total 900 dispensing vith 12 simultaneous weighing. All risks of impurity and failures are eliminated thanks to individual injectors for each dyestuff bottle.

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About us

Company portrait

Eliar Elektronik San. A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1984.
It has strengthened Turkish industry and economy with many devices, systems and software for sectors such as textile finishing, glass, insulation, ceramics and chemistry, and has made important contributions to automation of industrial sectors with its R&D studies since its establishment.

Industrial automation activities, which started with the production of automation systems for glass factories in 1984, continue with the batch plant systems developed for the glass, building chemical, insulation and ceramic industries in Turkey and also abroad.

By the end of the 80s, Eliar started to serve the textile industry by producing machine control devices. The advanced “batch” control devices designed and manufactured by Eliar for fabric and yarn dyeing as well as garment washing machines automation started to be used in Turkey and abroad since 1989.

Since 1996, the textile industry focus has been expanded and Eliar has started to work on mechatronic weighing and dosing systems. Eliar has developed liquid and powder chemical weighing and dispensing systems, and thanks to the control devices and automation software, it has delivered projects that integrate with the fabric, yarn dyeing and garment washing machines and the entire factory, ultimately enabling full automatic control and recording of the entire dyeing process.

With the central monitoring, planning and reporting software it has developed, Eliar delivers integrated systems from the processing machine level to the factory management level.

Today, control devices and integrated automatic dosing systems designed and manufactured by Eliar are in use in Turkey as well as many other regions such as Far East, Europe, North – Central and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.