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Yildiz Cam Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Dudullu Org. Sanayi Bolgesi 2. Cad. No: 37 Ümraniye, 34776 Istanbul
Telephone +90 216 4667820
Fax +90 216 3739730

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.03  Insulating glass

Our products

Product category: Insulating glass


Yıldız Cam is able to process fully tempered and fully tempered laminated glasses with the quality of Glasstech technology. Curved laminated glass is produced with the vacuum technique.

Our quality meets the needs of architectural, automotive, shower cabin standards.

Curving diversity can be classified as; Silindiric and J-Type.

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Product category: Insulating glass


Yıldız Cam produces bullet proof glasses under EN1063 standarts.

Bullet-proof glasses protects individuals against firearm attacks: Generally a multilaminated assembly,contains thinner polycarbonate against non splitting of glass cracks.If it is required,layers of multilaminated assembly can be used tempered.The various classes according to EN1063 are determined by the type of weapon and immunition.

Bullet-proof glasses generally dissymmetrical and only bullet-proof if positioned facing the correct direction.
When assembling a laminated bullet-proof glass in insulating glazing,the laminated glass should be positioned on the side opposite the potential impact.

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Product category: Insulating glass


Toughening process,

Involves heating and cooling treatment whereby high compressive stresses are set up at the surfaces with balancing tensile stresses in the center.
Improves the glass strength against impact and thermal stress loads.
Keeps the original volume, chemical composition, color and clarify of the glass.
Tempered glass is approximately 5 times stronger than annealed glass against impact. Tempered glass is appropriate for using as safety glass because it matters into small, blunt edged fragments, which reduce the risk of injury.

Certain "tempering patterns" which are only visible under some lighting conditions and distorsions within allowable bow&warp tolerances are normally accepted as an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of heat treatment and not a defect.

Tempered glass may have "spontaneous breakages" due to nickel sulphide particles inside float glass. To reduce the risk of "spontaneous breakages" Heat Soak Test is available in our facilities under EN14179 standard. The heat soak test only reduces the risk, it never eliminates.

Yıldız Cam tempering production is under EN12150, and heat strengthened production is under EN1863 standard.

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About us

Company portrait

Yıldız Cam has been known as one of the most efficient glass processing companies with the biggest capacity in Turkey around 40 years. Entering into the glass sector by retail sales in 1978, the Company began to realize wholesale glass sales in 1985.

Yıldız Cam developed its sale network with active sale policies and was entitled as Şişecam Flat Glass's "Authorized Dealer" in 1990. The Company continued to develop itself by following innovations and developments in construction sector where architectural glass (exterior and interior) is used intensively and by being entitled as "Authorized Double Glazing Producer" of Şişecam Flat Glass within 1992.

In 1994, Yıldız Cam started to process edge and surface of the glass in order to meet increasing requirements of the sectors using architectural glass.

In the beginning of 2000's, the Company set up its policy as going on its investments to become solution-oriented company for all Building Glass Products due to the developments and demands of the Turkish and international markets. Thereby, the Company initiated security glasses - tempered glass and laminated glass production in 2005; screen and roller printing glass production in 2006, while satinated glass, curved tempered laminated glass production started in 2009 and bullet proof glass production started in 2011.

Yıldız Cam will carry on its business developments and activities in order to protect and serve its best quality level in its two modern fully equipped production facilities by the help of its high know-how, its technological infrastructure, its sophisticated software system of production, its logical means and around 600 well trained experienced workers.

Today, Yıldız Cam has got two high-tech plants, one in Umraniye/Istanbul with 25.000 m2 closed area on 10.000 m2 open area and the other one in Kartepe/Kocaeli with 19.000 m2 closed area on 33.000 m2 open area. In these two state-of-the-art glass processing factories, the Company features a wide range of architectural and modern safety glass products, superior manufacturing technologies and excellent service.

Yıldız Cam is able to offer their customers all types of architectural glasses (safety, insulation-heat and solar control, decorative and sound control glasses etc), by providing the raw architectural glass from high quality float glass producers like Şişecam Flat Glass, AGC, Guardian Glass, Pilkington, Saint Gobain Glass and Vitro Glass.

The Company has been realizing important construction projects and reached a total sales volume of 275,0 Mio TL at the end of 2019, while its exports level exceeded 14,0 Mio USD.

1978: Retail Glass Business
1985: Wholesale Glass Business
1990: Distributor Agreement with Şişecam Flat Glass
1992: IGU production under Şişecam Flat Glass's brand name Isıcam Systems®
1994: Glass Processing Production
2005: Security Glass Production / Tempered Glass
2005: Security Glass Production / Laminated Glass
2006: Decorative Glass Production / Screen and Roller Printed Glass
2009: Satinated Glass Production
2009: Security Glass Production / Curved Tempered and Laminated Glass
2011: Security Glass Production / Bullet Proof Glass