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Industriparken 1, 7182 Bredsten
Telephone +45 75 738247

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.01  Glazing tools
  • 04.01.02  Electromechanical tools

Our products

Product category: Electromechanical tools

Winlet 1000 – lifts 1 tonne

The Winlet 1000 is the largest glass lift with wheel drive and like the Winlet 785 has an impressive reach and the unique double extension of the arm makes the machine extremely compact during transportation.

User-friendly, compact design
The Winlet 1000 has a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg and the unique power assisted steering makes it extremely easy to maneuver on site.

The compact design of Winlet 1000 allows it to be used in spaces that are too confined for other machines and systems.

Safety first
Winlet 1000 is equipped with a unique safety monitoring system meaning that the position of the front of the machine is always known and communicated to the Winlet controller, thereby avoiding dangerous situations.

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Product category: Electromechanical tools

ErgoMover Wireless – transport trolley with remote control

If you need to handle extra long loads, or if you work in confined areas, we have the right solution for you – the ErgoMover Wireless. This transport trolley is battery powered and radio- or cable remote controlled.

The ErgoMover Wireless does not have the drawbar and control handle that normally limits the length of the load. Now all steering and elevation is controlled from the remote control. With the ErgoMover Wireless transport trolley with remote control you can transport long items like pipes and beams of up to 1.500 kg. All ErgoMover Wireless models only need 700mm in width to operate.

ErgoMover Wireless transport trolley with remote control is available for the following models:
- ErgoMover Go – battery powered transport trolley with fixed platform
- ErgoMover Lift & Go – battery powered transport trolley with hydraulic platform elevation

Both models can also be equipped with a 360-degree manuel platform rotation.

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Product category: Electromechanical tools

Movomech – lightweight overhead travelling cranes in aluminum

GMV deliver lightweight overhead rail systems with load capacities of up to 500 kg.

The use of an overhead travelling crane ensures ergonomically correct coverage is achieved throughout the crane’s operation area, due to the possibility of working both longitudinally and transversely. The crane can be fitted with various types of lifting equipment, such as a chain hoist or pneumatic manipulator.

If ceiling mounting is appropriate, the overhead travelling crane can be mounted with special handing fittings which are adapted to the individual roof structure. If the ceiling structure cannot support the crane, it is possible to use a free-standing gantry system which is mounted in the floor.

Mechrail aluminum rail system
Mechrail is available in many different sizes, so it can easily be adapted to lifting tasks where the loads range from a few kilograms up to several hundred kg. The rail system has a very low weight, which makes Mechrail extremely easy to handle. Mechrail is also modular, so that all systems can later be expanded or reused in case the traverse system at some point must be relocated.

Our bestselling light-weight rail system is the smooth running aluminum rail system Mechrail from Movomech, with high Swedish quality.

- Low own weight
- Easy to handle
- Modular design

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About us

Company portrait

GMV A/S has more than 30 years of experience in developing and producing different types of equipment for lifting and handling. All which meets the needs of efficiency, job satisfaction and reducing manually handling of heavy loads.

Our vision is:

GMV must be at the cutting edge of market needs and match these needs by developing unique technical solutions which aid heavy manual lifting with modern industrial design.

At GMV we keep a strong focus on new innovative solutions through constant product development.

Our equipment is designed to assist workers who perform heavy manual lifts on a daily basis within construction or in industrial companies.

At our factory and headoffice in Bredsten, we produce a large range of proprietary products which are sold to both companies and rental companies in Denmark and abroad via a highly developed distribution network.

Today we are approx. 50 dedicated employees and besides blacksmiths, engineers and sales consultants – we also have an extremely competent team of service technicians ready to help maintain your current solution or set up new solutions from GMV.

GMV is a two-time winner of “Børsens Gazellepris” (2017/2017) an award given for continued growth. In 2019 GMV was nominated for both the EY Entrepreneur of the Year and “Successvirksomhed 2019” by BDO Denmark and Spar Nord.