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Ayrox S.c.r.l.

Avenue de Fré 98/bte 7, 1180 Brussels
Telephone +32 2 3756198
Fax +32 2 3720351
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.02  Auxiliary and operating materials
  • 01.02.04  Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

About us

Company portrait

Brussels based world-wide supplier of glass industry quality measuring instruments and PVB shaping and stretching technologies Ayrox has carved out a world-leading position for itself in a very special niche.  Our focus is on automotive and architectural products and a product offering that includes all key instruments needed for the assurance of quality and compliance with standard regulations, in addition to specific PVB shaping and stretching technology.  With this capability Ayrox stands out as a full-range service provider for its customers.

  • QC equipment and services for tempered and laminated glass and IGUs
  • Large selection of non-destructive optical quality control equipment
  • Calibration, repair and preventive maintenance of optical QC equipment
  • Training in Quality control
  • Heatable PVB wiring technologies
  • Heatable backlite soldering and testing systems
  • Production accessories for laminated and tempered glass
  • PVB shaping, relaxation and cutting lines

Ayrox provides a wide range of high-precision non-destructive optical measurement instruments. They are designed for Quality Control requirements and worldwide norms and regulations. We have in our product range optical equipment such as:

  • Polariscopes for visual inspection of stresses in glass
  • Polarimeters for a quantitative evaluation
  • GASP for surface stress measurement
  • VRP for non-destructive residual stress measurement on the black paint area
  • Edge stress metres
  • Etc.

Surface stress (mechanical strength) gauges for annealed, tempered and heat strengthened glass

Our qualified technicians perform annual calibrations, repairs and preventive maintenance, and are available for theoretical and practical trainings.

Heatable backlite Soldering and testing:

We offer machinery to perform testing of:

  • The electric circuit
  • The continuity of lines
  • Mechanical strength of soldering
Our soldering range includes:

Manual, semi-automatic and custom automated soldering machines, with a positioning jig.