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Deltamax Automazione srl

Via Kufstein Nr. 5, 38121 Trento
Telephone +39 0461 042301
Fax +39 0461 042302


Gianluca Diener



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.05  Measuring and testing technology/Software
  • 05.05.02  Visual inspection systems

Our products

Product category: Visual inspection systems

Defects detection solutions

From the first installation in 1992 on a Pilkington float line in Porto Marghera, Deltamax develop innovative solution based on inspection technologies to help Customers to reach the required quality level. 
The latest news in this field is Q+, the innovative solution that permit to increase the performance in defects detection, like light spots, suckers footprints, white haze, halos, coating defects, etc. aiming for the highest quality. Easy installation, reduced maintenace, user friendly interface and a lot of tools to complete the control with statistics and reports.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

OPT: scanner for cutting process

Defects detection is a must on modern production process, as it is important to detect defects as soon as possible along it.
OPT is a scanner that work on unwashed jambo\regular plates to optimize cutting, placing faults in scraps to increase productivity and optimize the whole production cycle, with energy saving, less machinery wear, less non compliant plates - so better cycle time. Easy to install it can works with any cutting table.
The innovative solution (patend pending) developed by Deltamax R&D team ensure reliability and a really fast ROI

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

IGU control scanner

Developed for one of the most important italian window maker, IGU scanner is able to control the IG unit at the end of the production process or, as in this case, in a dedicated line before windows assembly.
Installed on a Neptun washing machine capable to clean unit with up to 80mm thickness, the system is able to detect defects in the transparent area and errors in the positioning of the frame and georgian bars.
Find more info and a video on our Customer webpage or feel free to contact us.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Defects detection on lamination line

Following on the installation of GlassInspector on its IG line, our Customer Vetrodomus decided to use our tehcnology to control also the lamination process. The installation of our scanner EVO, with the Q+ technology, permit to detect all the defects on glass plates before the drafting of the PVB: fixing them increase the quality of the laminated glass plates.
Any other way to make their customers happy ???
More info upon request, feel free to contact us.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Fragmentation control

An off line, portable solution to quickly analize fragmentation in 5x5cm area, as required by the safety standards : this is FROG, the product that will help you to count the fragments, measure the biggest one, compare all the data with the safety rule choosen, store images and data and produce a report to document all the steps. 
US market version available, to evaluate also the weight of the 10 biggest fragments.

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Company news



20 Oct 2020

OPT installed in Vetrosistem (Isera, Italy)

Vetrosistem is an IG producer located in the north of Italy that is growing faster, aiming for a top quality supplies.
In order to optimize the production cycle time, they decided to start checking defects from the beginning, so from the cutting process.
OPT is the solution that permit them to detect bubbles and stones on unwashed glass plate and, thanks to the Optima software,  optimize the cutting placing the faults in the scraps. 
Would you like to see the system or have more info about it ? Feel free to contact us

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About us

Company portrait

From 1989 Deltamax Automazione brings together expertises in the areas of industrial automation and machine vision to develop solutions for glass quality control.
The versatility of the technologies used permit us to install our products in a lot of different production processes like IG lines, lamination lines, tempering lines, cutting lines.
From 2017 we are part of Delta Informatica group - one of the most important company in our region, that allow us to grow like our presence worldwide, demonstration of our credibility and reliability.

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