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Fosbel Europe GmbH

Karstr. 116, 41068 Mönchengladbach
Telephone +49 2161 277510
Fax +49 2161 2775198

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Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


Fosbel initiated a research project to address ceramic welding repairs that provided greater yield onto the refractory surface and less possible contamination residue. This research project resulted in the next generation of ceramic welding powders. Introducing Fosbel's:

Nano-Tec™ Higher Yield Ceramic Welding Powders 

Fosbel's line of Nano-Tec™ materials exhibit greater yield and lower rebound, thus decreasing weld time and lowering the cost of repairs. 

The higher density and improved corrosion resistance allow for a longer furnace life.

Nano-Tec™ materials exhibit nine times less inhalable crystalline silica compared to standard ceramic welding materials.

Our new family of Nano-Tec™ powders are currently silica-based formulations which improve yield (up tp 15%) and lowers the risk and duration of glass defects due to less rebound entering the furnace.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


Furnace Life Asset Management & Evaluation
A key component of CFM is Fosbel’s proprietary FLAME™, a web-based furnace information management system.

FLAME™ is a user-friendly system that organizes and displays a range of furnace-related information, enabling users to manage furnace maintenance more proactively and comprehensively. This unique technology provides a complete view of furnace condition, allowing better visibility into maintenance priorities resulting in better strategic maintenance management.

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About us

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Refractory Maintenance & Repair
in the Steel, Coke and Glass Industries
Around the Globe  
For over 35 years, Fosbel has continually developed innovative technologies to extend the life of your coke oven battery or glass furnace, all while increasing productivity.

Fosbel's industry experts partner with your plant management & operations teams to engineer a total maintenance solution that optimizes production, reduces maintenance & energy costs, and reduces emissions. 

Unmatched experience, superior technology and quality of service are the keys to Fosbel's unique offerings and market leadership.