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B Solution srl

Via Castello, 20, 24060 Torre de' Roveri (BG)
Telephone +39 035 4521234
Fax +39 035 4521588

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.08  Insulation glass technology
  • 02.08.03  Production equipment for insulating glass frames

Production equipment for insulating glass frames

Our products

Product category: Production equipment for insulating glass frames


High-productivity arrising/rough grinding

High-productivity arrising/rough grinding of rectangular and shaped glass suitable for processing of arrising or rough grinding in continuous cycle by two spindles follow-system.

  • Equipped of transport system with suction-cups for high perfomance glasses.
  • Automatic survey of glass sizes and thickness.
  • High-productivity guaranteed for double glazing lines.
  • System with oscillating spindles which ensures the regular execution of fillets.
  • Possibility of stand-alone installation or integrated with existing lines.

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Product category: Production equipment for insulating glass frames



Vertical numerical control compact with high productivity suitable for machining rough or polish grinding, at or round edge, arrising, milling and coat removing of LOW-E glass sheets.
Ideal for series and to be coupled to drilling line or stand-alone.

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Product category: Production equipment for insulating glass frames


The modular and selectional vision of the line, with grinding and drilling stations, projects the needs to have exible and intechangeable machines responding to a constantly evolving market.

Innovative system follow-glass is the grinding head which follows the glass sheets anchored by means of suction cups which guarantees the maximum performance without vibrations.
The full electronic control of the drilling heads and positioning guarantees the highest precision of the distances and of drilling depth.

The compact system integrates into a single solution the loading and unloading for spare reduction.

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About us

Company portrait

B solution is an Italian company with 30 year of experience in the glass industry, design and manufactures machine with high technical value, constantly searching for solutions abreast of the demands of the market

Our company also offers to  most demanding  customer flexible and reliable solutions able to increase their productivity, ensure the precision and reduce the set-up times, since it combines the value of manual ability with the advanced technology.    

Our force is the wide range of products that includes: vertical and horizontal grinding and drilling lines, NC corner grinders and rounding machine, loading, unloading transfer manipulators and outscratch device.  Our product can be combine with new lines or existing lines.  

The company follows its range of products from design to realization, including installation and maintenance ensuring high efficiency.

B Solution also dedicates itself to the reconditioning of used plants that are carefully inspected before being revised, taking into account any adaptations to modern technologies and new safety standards.