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Fives Stein SAS

108-112, Avenue De La Liberté, 94700 Maisons-Alfort
Telephone +33 1 18456545
Fax +33 1 43681208

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Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services



From fully electric furnaces to advanced forehearth design, our leading technologies aim for greener glass manufacturing:

Prium® E-Melt electric furnaces offer better thermal efficiency, dramatically lower emissions and provide the potential for advanced automation. 
Electric boosting can improve melting efficiency and reduce emissions for those processes where an all-electric furnace is not suitable. 
Prium® Eco-Flex hybrid furnace uses special Heat Recovery Area technology to achieve up to 80% electric boosting, which could reduce emissions by up to 60%. The furnace can use up to 80% recycled glass for much greener glass manufacturing. 
BH-F E-Forehearth features advanced power and control systems that work with direct or indirect heating. It allows you to achieve optimum glass thermal homogeneity combined with minimum energy requirement. 

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


Our range of eco-friendly and energy-efficient Prium® melting technologies ensures that we have the right solution for every application, whatever the glass type, quality, fuel or end use. Each line is designed for maximum longevity, optimum efficiency and with the environment in mind.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


Achieve optimum glass conditioning with our fuel-efficient systems: forehearths, working ends, feeder mechanisms and stirrers. With a focus on green solutions, our systems optimize heat transfer techniques, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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About us

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Fives is an international industrial engineering group which has grown through various industrial revolutions to offer innovative solutions and products boosting the performance of major industry leaders worldwide.

"Industry can do it"

The Group's new 2020 signature conveys this conviction that industry is the answer to the major challenges we face: environmental, technological, societal, economic. This signature embodies the raison d'être of the Group, a raison d'être which gives pride of place to its pioneering spirit and its vision of the future, and collectively mobilizes energies. Because it is about sharing much more than a business project, it is a real societal project that Fives carries: to demonstrate every day that industry can do it.