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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.12  Coating technology for hollow glass
  • 01.12.02  Cold end coating

Our products

Product category: Cold end coating

Bin pick, sort!

KAMIDO, the compact robot for industrial bin picking.

The first stand-alone bin picking robot able to operate with or without training to deal with known or unknown products, KAMIDO has the advantage of all Siléane’s experience in terms of mechanics, vision, robotics and artificial intelligence.

KAMIDO is now a range of proven bin picking robots, which will soon have about a hundred applications in its variety of models. KAMIDO makes itself useful in the three following worlds:

environment (K0) for waste sorting and recycling;
industry (K1 and K2) for loading machines;
logistics (K3) for Picking/Kitting and order preparation.
Kamido is made for unexpected circumstances and adapts its gestures from among an infinite number of positions. Superimposed, tangled, heterogeneous products, etc.; even with only partial visibility Kamido identifies and picks your products in bulk, in piles or in containers. When these products move with each picking, Siléane’s Reflex technology enables it to follow their new positions in real time and re-adapt its gesture. 

Bin picking, picking from bulk, distribution, loading of machines, sorting, picking, etc. Whenever you need to bin pick from piles of objects in containers, in boxes or in flows, Kamido is scalable depending on the size of your products and your application environment, which amongst other things makes it possible to reduce, as far as possible, its space requirement (details about the K0, K1,K2 and K3 ranges below).

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Product category: Cold end coating

The “Reflex” Pick & Place!

The Flowpick robotic machines from Siléane manage random flows, and loose, fresh or fragile products. They are able to sort, calibrate, handle, and pack all types of product with unpredictable behaviour at high speed, especially as a result of the VRT (Vision, Robotics, Tracking) technology.

Powerful software for balancing and flow supervision manages multi-robot configurations. Essentially, the FLOWPICK VRT hub makes it possible, in real time and in a closed loop, to adapt robot trajectories to the vagaries of the product behaviour and flows with product speeds that are sometimes greater than 40 m/min.

So these robotised lines created by Siléane adapt to all industries (agri-food, glassworks, pharmaceutical, recycling, automobile, etc.) and many products (fruit, chocolates, biscuits, cheese, bottles, food trays, sachets, etc.), adhering to all your conditions and environmental restrictions (hygiene, humidity, temperature, pollution, etc.).

WE INNOVATE for flexibility
VISION REFLEX 3D® technology from Siléane and its decision algorithms make it possible not only for the robots to adapt their trajectories in real time, but above all, to simplify machine adjustments for the user in many cases and to reduce production changeover time greatly. This is where the sense of Siléane innovations lies: enabling the machines to develop themselves further using their experience and to adapt their settings automatically to make your life simpler, as well as those of your machine setters, and all users.

reduce production changeover time greatly
reduce adjustment times
optimise and increase their availability
The Flowpick range is already well known in the agri-food industry, Siléane’s historic market, and can adapt to all industries (agri-food, glassworks, pharmacy, recycling, automobile, etc.) and to many products.

Flowpick deals with operations of picking, composition of fixed weight assortments, boxing, canning, loading and unloading of machines, sorting and control; all adapted to your production rates and for all your product types, even those with unpredictable behaviour. Turnkey delivery is possible for Flowpick. Siléane adapts it to your needs, your organisation, and your production flows, whether you are an SME or a large company.

For more than 15 years, Flowpick has proved itself in terms of reliability and ROI. It breathes new life into your process and packaging lines.

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Product category: Cold end coating

Devoted to surface treatment!

Rovaldy is a range of robots dedicated to assembling and dismantling your parts on your surface treatment supports (treatment by electrolysis, painting, lacquering, metallising, etc.). Rovaldy adapts to all your supports (single or double-sided racks, turning racks, satellites, stays, etc.). It adapts in real time to all the geometric profiles your products may have and significantly reduces your production time… everything is automated and completely configurable. By automating gestures creatively, we can help you reduce or even eliminate “added expenditure”. Significant gains in prospect in terms of productivity, arduousness and safety.

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About us

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Industry 4.0 by Sileane
Siléane’s speciality is the automation of human gestures in any given situation with a view to improving productivity within industrial, environmental, or food industry applications. Siléane gives you a choice: A collection of standard, turnkey, and fully customisable solutions (Rovaldy, Flowpick, and Kamido), or a highly imaginative ‘grey matter zone’ (outsourcing your R&D department).