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Tecnisco Ltd.

2-2-15 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, 140-0004 Tokyo
Telephone +81 3 34726963
Fax +81 3 34721316

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.14  Photovoltaic production/Production Technologies
  • 01.14.01  Wafer production
  •  Metallisation
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.01  Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
  • 02.01.01  Cutting technology
  •  Cutting technology for technical glass

Cutting technology for technical glass

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.02  Drilling technology

Drilling technology

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.05  Polishing technology

Polishing technology

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.03  Automotive glass
  • 03.03.03  Bonding technology

Bonding technology

Our products

Product category: Metallisation

3D Glass Mettalization

Form a wiring on the three-dimensional shape is available for downsizing, weight reducing to achieve high performance of electronics

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Product category: Drilling technology

HY Method

Micro rectangle through holes with Mesh glass

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Product category: Cutting technology for technical glass

TGV (Cu-Via)

  • TGV with filled Cu makes it possible to minimize device
  • Glass surface has mirror finished quality and transmittance is same as original Borofloat 33

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About us

Company portrait

"Cross-edge" technology means combined technologies crossing more than two different leading-edge processing technologies to make a product.
The technology is based on the following five processing technologies: Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Metalizing, and Bonding.
Through the "Cross-edge" technology, we can provide the four advantages below by undertaking several processes as a one-stop solution partner.