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No. 38, Taoyuan East Rd., Shichan Town, Nanhai District, 528234 Foshan, Guangdong
Telephone +86 757 81181117
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.01  Glazing tools
  • 04.01.03  Tools and smelting equipment for glass makers

Our products

Product category: Tools and smelting equipment for glass makers

EN-B Decorative Glass EVA

Decorative glass interlayer usually laminated with silk, metal wire, paper, fiberglass, could produce varieties of high-grade artistic decorative glass, mainly for Advertising, living room, entertainment, public recreation, railway stations, wharf, airports and other places glass decoration.

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Product category: Tools and smelting equipment for glass makers

VE-TH Extra Clear glass EVA film

Extra clear glass interlayer is a kinds of EVA film owns high transparency.Visible light transmittance >91%,Yellow Index<2%,which specially developed for extra clear safety laminated glass.It could maintain effectively the transparency of extra clear glass.

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Product category: Tools and smelting equipment for glass makers


EPD is PDLC glass interlayer developed by E&N.It well received high recogization by international and domestic PDLC glass industry. EPD not only owns architectural EVA film advantages of safety,explosion-proof,noise reduction,UV blocking,but also owns ourstanding performance of strength,impact resistance,Crushing safety, edge stability, adhesion with PET and other materials,which is good choice for PDLC glass.

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About us

Company portrait

China E&N Film Co. as a high-tech and professional EVA film manufacturer was founded in 2008, With self-owned R&D team, We developed the first outdoor super clear EVA in 2009 and has kept marketing successfully new products with new performance E&N Co. has been insisting on international quality.