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Gradel Sarl

6, ZAE le Triangle Vert, 5691 Ellange
Telephone +352 39 0044-1
Fax +352 39 8857

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.03  Surface treatment, Printing Technology, Coating Technology, Adhesive Technology
  • 04.03.05  Sputtering targets for flat glass coating

Sputtering targets for flat glass coating

Our products

Product category: Sputtering targets for flat glass coating

Rotatable targets

Low melting point continuous casted rotatable targets We have developed together with Ansun Protective Metals,  a new continuous casting process to produce rotatable sputtering targets. This patented process is a vertical continuous casting process which ensures homogeneous metallurgical target structure.   Temperature monitoring and process automation allow a fine control of our C-Cast target manufacturing even for rotatable targets up to 4m length.   This technique of casting provides also a very good control of the chemical bonding between the backing tube and the target material. This ensures a maximal cooling efficiency of the target during the sputtering process. Our non-destructive control (Ultrasound)  scan of each target confirms full bonding between the backing tube and the target material.    We have also optimised the complete manufacturing process to allow several refilling of the target, to decrease the overall cost of our C-Cast targets. We have developed a special machine to make the straightening of the backing tubes easier.   Currently available materials: Pure Sn, ZnAl alloys and ZnSn alloys   Other low melting points alloys are feasible ( SnZnSb,…) A new continuous casting machine was installed in 2014 in our site of Ellange, to cover our clients’ needs all over Europe.
As a summary the advantages of our C-Cast targets are:
  • Metallurgical homogeneity along all length of the target.
  • Chemical bonding between backing tube and target material for a maximum cooling efficiency during sputtering process. Full bonding control by Ultrasound of each target before delivery.
  • Several refilling allowed thanks to our optimised manufacturing procedure.
  • At each refilling, checkup of the backing tube concentricity, bending and straightening operation if necessary.


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Product category: Sputtering targets for flat glass coating

Planar targets

Planar targets production
NiCr(80-20) Cronix quality and 99.8% quality
This specific alloy is used for the glass industry. We can deliver it in a wide range of dimensions, adapted to laboratory magnetron or large area, until the magnetron used in industry.
We are also offering the buying back of the used material.

Ag 99,99% with special design to decrease silver weight
Together with our partner Safina, we have developed special design to decrease the weight of planar silver targets. We have optimised the manufacturing process and we are able to decrease the weight of 20%. Thanks to magnetic studies (see services), we can increase the silver planar target usage up to 50%.

Zinc, Tin, Zn-Al, Zn-Sn
We produce planar zinc, tin, zinc aluminnium and zinc tin alloy planar targets. We can offer bonding service if needed.

Other material  
Following the client’s need, we supply also a large range of sputtering target in various materials and dimensions, like Titanium, Zirconium, Niobium, Molybdenum, Stainless steel, copper, brass sputtering targets. Other special alloys are also feasible, for new coating development.

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Product category: Sputtering targets for flat glass coating

Engineering services

Engineering Services for optimizing sputtering processes We have acquired a typical know-how in static magnetic fields optimisation for magnetron coaters. Feeling that a lot of trouble in sputtering process is due to static magnetic field circuit and that the overall productivity of a coater can be improved by optimising the magnetic arrays, we have developed specific tools to simulate and optimize magnetrons.
We can offer services like:

  • On site Magnetic field diagnosis with our 3D Magnetic Mapping Machine
  • Shunt insertion, and optimisation
  • Design of specific magnet arrays, to increase electron bombardment, target usage, …
With the 3D Magnetic Mapping Machine, we have developed software to analyze the magnetic field, and simulate the coating uniformity.
The result is displayed as a 2D or 3D curve, showing areas where magnetic field has to be tuned.
This feature makes the tuning of rotatable magnet bars much easier, and allows less productivity losses in magnet bar tuning.

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About us

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Corporate values of GRADEL:
We will ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions. Our work ethic drives us to commit ourselves to always do the right thing.
The customer is the BOSS. If we do not support the customer directly, we serve those, whose job it is to do so. We act as entrepreneurs to foster sustainable customer relationships by striving every day to guarantee our customers the highest possible value of our products and services.
We have a relentless drive to be top of the class. But we always remain humble.

We are characterized by perseverance.

We are not satisfied with good enough. Our work ethic is driving us naturally to continuously improve.

We act result orientated.

We pay the necessary respect to our counterpart, as we would wish for ourselves. We encourage teamwork and rely on a lean and flat structure. Mistakes are not hidden, but communicated, discussed, with respect to the highest safety standards.

We will treat all people with courtesy, dignity and respect. Gratitude and patience is a strong virtue. The protection of the environment and our employees has highest priority.

Company Vision / Motto / Mission of GRADEL:
Let’s Innovate!

Striving for the highest customer benefit in all products :
NUCLEAR : Preferred supplier for maintenance and service equipment
SPACE : Best in class MGSE knowledge used for innovating flight hardware
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT : Leader in Ultra-Lightweight Applications for SPACE Flight Hardware : Become the reference in terms of automated endless winding equipment
SPUTTERING TARGETS  : Supplier of most efficient metal sputtering targets

Develop highest end equipment, products and services for “best in class” customers