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Haldor Topsoe A/S

Haldor Topsoe Allé 1, 2800 Lyngby
Telephone +45 45 45272000

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.12  Environmental protection/Recycling
  • 02.12.02  Glass Melting / Waste gas technologies
  •  Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)

Our products

Product category: Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)

Ammonia electrical heater

Topsoe’s electrical start-up heater is uniquely developed to provide ammonia plants with a safe, quick and efficient solution to the start-up and recommended with all Topsoe converter designs for all new plants and revamps. The advantages of electrical start-up heater are proven by more than 30 installations worldwide, is a benchmark within the ammonia industry today.

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Product category: Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)

Sulfuric Acid | Wet gas Sulfuric Acid (WSA)

The WSA process is a wet gas catalytic process. The concentrated sulfuric acid is produced by condensation from a wet process gas. Drying of the process gas prior to treatment in a WSA plant, therefore, becomes superfluous, hence generation of wastewater and loss of sulfur are avoided. The purpose of the first step in the process is to produce an SO2 gas at the operating temperature of the oxidation catalyst in the SO2 converter. If the sulfur in the feed is SO2, only a simple preheating is required.

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Product category: Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)

Coker naphtha hydrotreating technology

Coker naphtha places extraordinary demands on hydrotreating processes. These difficult-to-process streams often contain high levels of silica, which decrease HDN catalyst activity. Complications can also arise because they have high concentrations of conjugated di-olefins that tend to polymerize, as well as olefins that immediately saturate and release heat that challenges temperature control.

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About us

Company portrait

Haldor Topsoe wants to be the global leader within carbon emission reduction technologies for the chemical and refining industries. By perfecting chemistry for a better world, we enable our customers to succeed in the transition towards renewable energy. Chemistry is behind almost any product or fuel that defines the way we live today, and it will be just as important in shaping the future.