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Egesim GmbH

Gewerbering 20-21, 86922 Eresing
Telephone +49 8193 33467-0
Fax +49 8193 33467-26

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.05  Control and automation technology

Our products

Product category: Control and automation technology

Static Var Compensation

SVC is the abbriviation for Static Var Compensation. In other words, SVC is Compensation, which is made with Static switching. Static switching is made with thyristors.

SVC system is necessary for systems, with changing in short range load. For example, for energy quality on a chemical plant with constantly changing load, but generally remaining on similar levels, instead of SVC sistem, another solution can be find; but in Electric Arc Furnace system with constantly changing load, another solution, except SVC is not possible.

A SVC system with the help of very fast reactive power compensation reduces mains voltage fluctuations & flicker effect to low values. Reducing of voltage fluctuations leads to increase of production.

A typical SVC system consists of TCR (thyristor-controlled reactor) group & harmonic filters. Harmonic filters are disigned & produced according to consumption system and mains values to reduce current & voltage of system harmonics to low values.

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Product category: Control and automation technology

3D Scada Applications

Group of companies “Egesim”, as “SIEMENS Solution Partner” performs industrial automation projects, offering the following equipment: Automation Control Systems,

– Simatic PLC,
– Industrial communication systems,
– Simatic NET Network systems,
– Man-machine programming interface software (HMI),
– Industrial SCADA software Win CC & PCS7.

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Product category: Control and automation technology

SIMARC Regulation

One of “Egesim” products SIMARC is a computer-based system of automation hardware & software, which performs a function of electrode control in electric arc furnaces.

It can be used in hydraulic or motor driven electrode systems. In real time it measures secondary current & voltage values of Arc Furnace transformer, calculates impedance values for every phase and proportionally moves electrodes according to requested by the impedance (arc length) value for protection. All these operations are automatic.

Using this type of Siemens software, system current & voltage can reach control characteristics faster. It also makes easier to arrange the arc length, to give fast & balanced reactions. Our system is suitable for performing of electric regulations, necessary performance analysis & organization of production units of this type.

The stable and general characteristics of SIMARC are following:
– Low electrode and refractor wastes,
– Energy saving during casting.
SIMARC system is made under “Egesim” license.

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About us

Company portrait

“EGESIM” was established in Izmir in 1994 in order to render services to industry. After its establishment it became the System Integrator in AC-DC Automation & Drive Systems of one of the world’s leading companies, Siemens.

Egesim developed new business models, using innovative & dynamic human resources, modern management concepts and up-to-date technologies. With these business models “EGESIM” established new companies for production, partnership & distribution agreements with companies and successfully performed projects, consultations & contracts both in Turkey & abroad.

“EGESIM” had become a group of companies, that offers products, solutions & service facilities in electric & electronics field to all the industries.

“EGESIM” group operates in total of 25,000 sqmtr closed, 27,000 sqmtr open area, consisting of offices, production & logistics areas in different locations with customer satisfaction focused principle. Our Group had taken good steps to be a well known international brand in its field with a strong team of 35 engineers, 200 technicians & commercial staff.

“EGESIM” group is constantly developing itself & getting ready for the future by following up the new technological achievements and trends.