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Via Milano 14/N, 20064 Gorgonzola (MI)
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Our products

Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

Nol-Tec Europe dense phase pneumatic conveying system uses a reduced amount of compressed air to conveying large amounts of product through the use of Air Assist® injectors, strategically placed along the conveying line, in which the air is injected causing short and regular caps of product.

In addition, Nol-Tec Europe has patented the EconoMizer, or Air Mizer®, that makes the system highly flexible and safe against obstruction, allowing more fragile, abrasive or mixed products to be conveyed at slow speed, with a energy savings up to 30%.


  • Slow speed conveying
  • Reduced abrasion of piping and components
  • Reduced degradation of the conveyed product
  • Conveying of mixtures with reduced segregation of components
  • Conveying restart when pipe is full of product (non-purging concept)
  • Low air consumption
Nol-Tec Europe dense phase pneumatic conveying system is also particularly effective for conveying material in big bags or bagging systems, firmly maintaining the specific weight after the conveying.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Fluidodinamic Splitter M417

The innovative design of our splitter facilitates a uniform dispersion from each lance. This allows a constant distribution of sorbents along the flue, ensuring better interaction between sorbents and pollutants.


  • Equal distribution of sorbents along the entire cross section of the pipeline;
  • Increasing of effectiveness of sorbents;
  • Reduction in the consumption of sorbents;
  • Lower investment and operating costs.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Auger Filler

Automatic and semi automatic pot and bag filling machines

With a combined 120 years experience of auger filler, PLC and product handling technologies, Nol-Tec Europe can offer all aspects of powder and particulate filling systems together with their associated tooling variations, meeting various bulk feed system requirements.

The concept and design parameters assure reliability, high performance and costs saving.

We cater for products in the food, chemical, drug, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Weight control or volumetric dosing, ranging from a few grammes to 25 kilo, are possible. The same applies to integration with existing or new packaging lines, including form-fill and seal applications, cartons, pre-made bags, cans, jars and bottle handling equipment. The compact nature of the machine enables you to simplify the filling process.

Performance ranges from manually presented bags or containers at speeds dependant on the operator to speeds in excess of 100 per minute when integrated with other high speed packaging systems.

The Control System is based on PLC and inverter easily available on the market.

» Operator keypad for data entry
» Start fill sequence
» Confirm product cut-off open
» Checkweigher feedback (standard option)
» Auger count monitoring
» Operator adjustment facility
» LCD Operator information display
» Drive & product cut-off monitoring
» Digital display of fill results
» Fill in-progress monitor
» Fill complete monitor

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About us

Company portrait

Nol-Tec Europe, leader for Pneumatic Conveying and Bulk Material Handling
Storage, Batching, Pneumatic Mixing, Filters, Spray & Dry

Nol-Tec operates in a global market, successfully working in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North and South America. The company is characterized by the continuous advanced research for bulk handling material and process equipment.

The development of advanced technologies has led the company to the creation of equipment and own patents, among which there are pneumatic conveying systems, pneumatic mixing, bulk handling and atomization.

Nol-Tec installed several systems, for the most important companies in the following industrial fields: food, animal feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, environment, glass, power and energy, foundry and steel, refinery and building products.

The customer and his needs are the focus of our path of innovation and development: our engineers design according to the requests of each industry, following customized and specific protocols aimed at the maximum customer satisfaction.

There are no limits when working together, giving value to the ideas.