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Sefar AG

Hinterbissaustr. 12, 9410 Heiden
Telephone +41 71 8985700
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Our range of products

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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.07  Printing technology
  •  Other printing / coating technology

Our products

Product category: Other printing / coating technology

Pleated Elements for Bag House Filters

Our pleated elements are used as a final filter stage in micronizer bag houses at the end of the titanium dioxide pigment extraction process. They can be used in any high temperature filtration application (≤ 260 °C / 500 °F).

Sefar filter solutions for Bag House Filters

Our pleated elements for bag house filters offer an increased filtration area and provide an improved filtration efficiency compared to conventional filter bags of the same diameter. Sefar X-series is dedicated for the use in demanding, high temperature applications such as drying, micronizing and oxidation in the titanium dioxide pigment beneficiation process.

Fabrication solutions

The X-600 is a unique, patented, pleated filter used in finishing of titanium dioxide pigment and other applications.

It surpasses the performance of any regular bags on the market and can increase service life by more than 100%. Outstanding results of 54 months have been shown for product lifetime. This represents the longest lifetime for any micronizer bag house lifetime in the world.

This success is mainly due to a heavy duty assembly, using the Sefar patented aluminum  potting system to seal the end caps. The larger surface area from the pleats of the X-600, as compared to conventional bags, allows for significantly increased productivity and lifetime.


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Product category: Other printing / coating technology

Fabric solutions for Acoustic devices and components

Sefar offers a wide range of filtration media and highly industrialized fabrication capabilities.

For the demanding and always evolving acoustics industry, precise and innovative filter media are of crucial importance. Sefar fabrics feature precise mesh openings, tightly controlled fabric properties, and provide protection against dust and liquids without compromising sound quality.

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Product category: Other printing / coating technology


The screen printing mesh professionals use

SEFAR PET 1500 is the popular mesh for virtually every screen printing application – large and small-format graphics, CDs, decorative tile designs, printed glass, sporting goods, textile printing, and other industrial tasks.

SEFAR PET 1500 the most comprehensive range of screen printing mesh for an efficient and reproducible stencil production. It meets all the requirements for detail reproduction, homogeneity of face printing, print run consistency and registration accuracy in multi-color printing. The special SEFAR PET 1500 surface treatment aims to improve adhesion, good wettability and good antistatic properties. These features allow a high quality and efficient processing of all commercially available screen printing systems.

  • Unsurpassed UV-light undercutting protection of yellow mesh
  • Adhesion and preparation optimized mesh surface
  • Reproducible mesh relaxation
  • Good ink and paste release behaviour
  • Good antistatic behavior thanks to Sefar antistatic treatment
  • Wide standard range with high availability

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Sefar is the leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments for the screen printing and filtration markets. Sefar products are used in a wide variety of industries, reaching from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications to aerospace, mining & refining and architecture. With its profound understanding of the applications Sefar helps its customers to achieve optimum results in their industrial processes.