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Pröll GmbH

Postfach 429, 91773 Weißenburg
Treuchtlinger Str. 29, 91781 Weißenburg
Telephone +49 9141 906-0
Fax +49 9141 906-49


Stefan Zäh

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.07  Printing technology
  •  Screen printing techniques

Our products

Product category: Screen printing techniques

NoriGlass OR - Outdoor Resistant Screen Printing Ink

NoriGlass OR (outdoor resistant) is a new glossy silicone free 2-component glass screen printing enamel ink.

The outdoor resistant ink has been developed for the second surface decoration of glass, particularly for backlit displays of vending or ticket machines.

NoriGlass OR is easy to process and shows good resistances towards chemicals and mechanical abrasion.

The ink system shows low electrical conductivity, even the black color shades. Highly opaque black or white color shades and IR transparent colors are available as well.

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Product category: Screen printing techniques

NoriGlass TPI - Screen Printing Ink

NoriGlass TPI is a glossy silicone and halogen free 2-component glass screen printing ink.

The ink has been developed for the second surface decoration of glass, particularly for symbols of touch switches and for backlit displays, e.g. smart phone and tablet displays.

This organic enamel screen printing ink provides very high resistance to aqueous household cleaners, hand and machine dishwashing detergents as well as to chemicals and solvents like aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, greases and oils.

Besides its excellent resistances, the ink system shows low electrical conductivity, even the black color shades. Highly opaque deep black or brilliant white color shades are available from stock.

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Product category: Screen printing techniques

Aqua-Temp SIG

Aqua-Temp SIG is a new water-based stoving ink for glass decoration. The screen printing ink can be used for second surface printing of glass panels and displays for household appliances.
Printing substrates
Besides glass decoration (plates and flacons), Aqua-Temp SIG can be used as well for printing onto metals, ceramics and thermoset materials which resist the stoving process.
Screen open time is excellent, especially if the relative humidity in the printing room exceeds 50 %. Preferably it should be about 55 – 60 %. 
Recommended room temperature should be about 21 – 23 °C (69,8 – 73,4 °F).
Aqua-Temp SIG is based on organic binders. Therefore, the dried ink film does not resist scratching or pushing with hard, sharp edged objects. Final ink properties / resistances are achieved after the stoving process.
Each individual ink layer should be dried at 50 °C – 80 °C (122 °F – 176 °F), if two or more layers are printed.
Final stoving at 180 °C (356 °F) for 30 minutes of all ink layers must be applied.
Color shades
Black L 69250
White L 69290
Red L 69289
Protective Lacquer L 68742

Protective Lacquer / Hard Coat
Protective Lacquer L 68742 has been developed as final overprinting lacquer. The stoved screen printing lacquer shows excellent scratch resistances, comparable with hard coated surfaces. Subjacent ink layers are perfectly protected during the mounting process, e.g. glass panels for refrigerators.
The protective lacquer can also be used for overprinting of solvent-based ink systems (not yet stoved) such as NoriGlass TPI and ZK-Two-Component Ink.

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Product category: Screen printing techniques

ZK-Two-Component Ink for Glass Decoration

ZK-Two-Component Ink is a glossy ink system for printing on pretreated polyolefins, metal, glass, wood, molded thermosets, pasteboard and cardboard. Used primarily to print molded elements made of treated polyolefins.
ZK-Two-Component Ink is used to achieve high resistance to aggressive media and to mechanical stress. 

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Product category: Screen printing techniques

Tampo-Jet® GMI - pad printing ink for glass

Tampo-Jet® GMI is a solvent-based two-component pad printing ink developed for printing on glass and metals.

All standard clichés and pads for pad printing (6-20 Shore A) are suited.

After stoving (20-30 min/180 °C (356 °F), the printed ink film achieves outstanding resistances to chemicals and abrasion.

Tampo-Jet® GMI shows good printing properties and can be used for decorating, glass, perfume flacons and stainless steel products.

By thinning Tampo-Jet® GMI with Thinner Tampo-Jet 001 the press ready ink system is free of cyclohexanone.

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Product category: Screen printing techniques

Mirror & Effect Pigment Inks Effect-Pigment-Colors

Vast selection of pearl effect and chameleon screen printing colors for all solvents and water-based Proell ink systems

Areas of application and General Characteristics

  • housings and display windows for mobile phones
  • handheld computers
  • automobile interior
  • membrane switches
  • plastic packaging
The vast selection of pearl effect and chameleon screen printing colors for all solvents and water-based Proell ink systems is truly amazing.

Available in shimmering silver or effect color shades, our pearl effect inks reflect great depth. The chameleon screen printing inks radiate a metallic gloss and the color varies with the angle of observation and illumination. To enhance the effect, they should be backprinted with black or white.

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About us

Company portrait

Proell GmbH
Europe's pioneer in the manufacture of screen printing inks

The Proell Group is a Bavarian enterprise of tradition dealing in the screen and lacquer industries around the globe. We focus on innovative solutions to the challenges presented by printing and decoration in today’s world.

As a research oriented developer of high quality ink systems and lacquers, we have been developing tailor made solutions for our customers for over 80 years.

State of the art production facilities, innovative manufacturing processes which are friendly to the environment, top quality raw materials and rigid quality control all guarantee the sustainable quality of our products and consistent processing results.

The development of progressive, future oriented ink systems and lacquers together with the best possible technical support for our customers are the primary elements of Proell’s philoOIsophy.

We also provide a wide variety of services in the areas of adhesion tests, color matching, pre-press (including screen stretching and stencils) and of course, the rapid availability of our products.

Proell inks and lacquers are produced in conformity with RoHS and REACH. None our ink systems contain pigments with a heavy metal base (DIN EN 71, sec. 3). The quality, environmental and works security management system of Proell is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Company data

Sales volume 20-100 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Number of employees 101-500
Foundation 1938
Area of business Glass processing and finishing