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Quantum Engineered Products, Inc.

438, Saxonburg Boulevard, 16056 Saxonburg, PA
Telephone +1 724 3525100
Fax +1 724 3524443


Rogerio Galante

Sales & Marketring Director



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.12  Bottle and glass container machines

Our products

Product category: Bottle and glass container machines

Forming Systems

Why Choose Quantum For Your Forming System?

  • The patented Tube Within a Tube concept remains the best delivery
  • system for Cooling, Counter Blow, or Vacuum Service to the Forming Plunger Mechanism.
  • TWT© Design Safeguards against “tramp glass”
Universal Cylinder Concept

  • Interchangeable components for any Center Distance and Gob Configuration in any factory requirement
  • Alignment is a function of Design not operator skill
Unique Forming Systems

  • B&B, Press & Blow, NNPB and Advanced Blow and Blow Forming Systems have been designed for Trouble Free Operation
  • Minimized mechanical problems allow greater attention to the rest of the Forming Process
  • All Quantum Cartridges are Internally Lubricated for long life
Total Forming Analysis – TFA™

  • TFA™
Maximum Return on Investment

  • Quantum Components are made with Alloyed tool steels, proprietary heat treatment, and unique coating surface infusion techniques
  • Once produced basic components have an indefinite life
  • Quantum units supplied in 1980 are still running in state of the art machines today

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Product category: Bottle and glass container machines

Forming Processes

The designs for B&B, Press & Blow, NNPB, and Advanced Blow & Blow have been developed to minimize mechanical problems in the glass forming process and provide trouble free operation.

This allows production advances in quality, strength, and speed.

By understanding the day to day problems in the hot end part of the process, Quantum reduces the problems allowing greater attention to the rest of the forming process.

All of our positioners and cartridges are internally lubricated for long life and trouble-free operation.

Blow & Blow Advantages:

  • No gob bouncing, Quantum’s TWT™ and seal technology minimizes air leakage;
  • No parison contamination with debris, our recommend thimble has a dirt excluder minimizing carbon build up;
  • No bolt breakage, our tapered design cartridges reduces the impact forces reducing bolt breakage;
  • Long life, our lubricated cartridges keeps the process equipment clean and reduces the force of operation. Therefore, extending product life.
Press & Blow Advantages:

  • Multi-finish positioners, flexible production with less time to change between processes;
  • Quick-change spacer, innovation that reduces time to change spacer without removing adapter or locking studs. This feature is also available for NNPB;
  • No loose parts, unique in the market, we keep all parts inside our barrel design wide-mouth positioner;
  • Better cooling, a perfect combination of our TWT™ technology with our seal technology and air flow designs results in higher production speed.
Narrow Neck Press & Blow Advantages:

  • Better exhaust, dual upward exhaust provides greater exhaust capacity and eliminates issues with grease and debris on lift mechanism;
  • Better alignment, with the preceding sleeve, Quantum process equipment re-align neck ring and blanks every cycle improving gob loading;
  • Minimal carbon build-up, internal lubrication and preceding sleeve scrapers prevents dirt and debris from being carried into positioner;
  • Continuous 360° degrees cooling, our TWT™ technology guarantees no air leakage. As a result, low pressure cooling doesn’t have to be turned off in the loading position reducing plunger temperature and saving energy.

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Product category: Bottle and glass container machines

Plunger Mechanisms

With the Tube-Within-a-Tube (TWT®) concept, the fixed tube (in the end cap) and the moveable tube (inside the piston rod) move telescopically inside each other. The air path precisely and efficiently delivers cooling or counter blow air to the forming process.

The many benefits of  the Quantum Plunger Mechanism include:

  • Dual vented piston locks for positive process changing
  • High temperature seals and bearings with cartridge design
  • Dual action seals for pressure & vacuum processing
  • Each cylinder has its own exhaust
  • 19mm TWT® design for maximum air flow
  • Available for all mould designs
  • Fully protected electronic connection for CPMS®
  • Positioner lubrication for NNPB and B&B
  • Operational alignment is insured by design, not installation.
The Quantum TWT® Individual Cylinder allows complete interchangeability and standardization throughout all the IS Machines.

Quantum plunger mechanisms have been installed in machines from major OEMs and fit in any I.S. machine maker configuration.

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About us

Company portrait

Great Containers Start Here.

Quantum is dedicated to the long term success of the glass container industry.  Our passion is in helping glass container manufacturers achieve optimal production efficiency. We specialize in improving the critical process of blank side forming.  We are committed to helping glassmakers keep glass the best packaging choice.

At Quantum we have been solving container forming problems since 1976.  The Quantum Forming System can operate on any IS machine and be used in any container forming process.  Throughout the glass container industry the Quantum name is synonymous with innovation and quality.

Our equipment is used by the most respected names in the glass container industry and is operating in the most advanced glass manufacturing plants in the world.  Quantum manufactures a world class product and we are committed to providing world class customer service.   We use only the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process and the longevity of our equipment is a testament to that.  Quantum’s experienced production support team strives to set the industry standard in service.

Advantages of the Quantum Forming System

–          Reduction in the overall cost of production

–          Minimize IS machine downtime

–          Reduce IS machine maintenance costs and spare parts inventory

–          Fits into any IS Machine

–          Process flexibility

–          Develop innovative glass products

–          The capability to respond more quickly to the demands of the market

At Quantum we believe that solving your container forming problems is more than just a part of our business, it is our only business!

Company data

Foundation 1976
Area of business
  • Glass manufacture/production technology
  • Glass processing and finishing
  • Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines

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