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HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. KG

Köthener Str. 33 A, 06118 Halle
Telephone +49 345 4782350
Fax +49 345 47823510
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Dr. Thomas Rainer

+49 345 47 82 35 - 0


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.05  Laser technology
  • 02.05.02  Laser marking technology
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.05  Laser technology
  • 02.05.04  Laser removing technology
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.08  Insulation glass technology
  • 02.08.04  Edge deletion equipment
  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.08  locking systems (for windows/doors/gates)
  • 03.08.02  Electrical and electronic safety and security technology

Electrical and electronic safety and security technology

Our products

Product category: Laser removing technology

Laserbird – The upgrade for your glass products

Make more of your glass with the Laserbird, and enjoy higher value creation for your products. Finish your semi-finished products by modifying their functional coating, or use laser printing or coating transformation techniques to create custom panes. The Laserbird is a universal tool, making it the perfect choice for your broad portfolio of customers, applications and glass products. Extra applications can be added at any time to expand your production range. Working on a completely new idea? Our developers and consultants would love to help!

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Product category: Laser marking technology

Non-destructive and readable laser marking

Once a piece of glass has been marked with the laser, it can be identified exactly at any time by means of a manual or automatic scan. In addition to improved product traceability, this also means that you will be able to provide information on whether the glass was delivered and what processing steps it went through, even if that all happened years ago. And what’s more, you will also benefit from a constant influx of new data that will improve your day-to-day work by helping you to optimise and manage your processes.

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Product category: Laser marking technology

Mobile ES-Guard m

Stand-alone laser marking system with the same qualities as the ES-Guard but with the option to be moved.

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Product category: Edge deletion equipment

LEA 300 - The perfect edge decoating with laser technology

The innovative laser decoating technology allows a production of high quality Isolation Glass Units with scratch free edges with an automated quality proofment. LEA also supplies decoatings for all applications in which the glass edges and the decoatings can later be seen in the visible area, which convince with absolutely aesthetic and optical quality. Coatings are removed from the edge of glass panels or around drillings to create structural glazing. The surface of the glass is stripped down to the fire-polishing to ensure that your products look good!

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Product category: Laser marking technology



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Company news



16 Oct 2020

Laser-marked: uniquely identifiable and traceable at any time

ES-GuardS, the advanced laser marking system from HEGLA boraident, makes non-destructive, permanent marks on glass without influencing the material’s properties. If the marking is made in the form of a QR or data matrix code, the pane will be uniquely identifiable at all times. And if the marking process is fully automated and carried out prior to cutting, later mix-ups will be virtually impossible. Marking opens the door to a multitude of options: if the data relevant to a code has been stored in the administrative system or production software, for example, it can be retrieved easily by simply scanning the code. This allows owners to track where a specific piece of glass originated from at a later date, and which stations it has passed through on its way to the customer or the construction site. If a pane needs to be re-ordered, the original specifications can be generated and forwarded for order approval at the push of a button.

Laser marking and automated access to the associated data also provides benefits for workflows and operating staff. Depending on the production integration depth, scanning can be used to trigger downstream production steps, retrieve the status of an order, or generate data for process organisation or optimisation.

Press officer:
37688 Beverungen, Germany

Carsten Koch

Phone +49 (0) 52 73 / 9 05 - 121

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About us

Company portrait

Since HEGLA boraident was founded in 2000, the company has specialised in the laser marking, structuring and functionalisation of glass, ceramics and other transparent or flat materials. Our product range also includes technical applications and products for identifying machine-readable codes, as well as the laser-assisted production of glass diaphragms and test systems in the glass sensors division. Machines and Solutions for smooth and gentle edge deletion or to refine a glass, for example, as mobile phone permeable or bird protective extends the portfolio and increases the added value of products produced by our customers. We develop these solutions in different business segments and turn them into high-performance products.

 Our clients are glass manufacturers and flat glass processing companies in the markets of architectural glass, photovoltaics, automotive applications, and medicine/pharmacy.

 As part of the HEGLA group which is specialised in solutions for cutting and processing flat, automotive and functional glass, we benefit from the experience and expertise in glass processing and process automation. Popular solutions like the laser marking of glass with a QR or data-matrix code can be fully integrated in processing lines.