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Selas Heat Technology Company LLC

11012 Aurora Hudson Road, 44241 Streetsboro, OH
Telephone +1 216 6628800
Fax +1 216 6638954


Dave Fontes

+1 267 750 8966


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.04  Glass melting technology
  • 01.04.09  Combustion technology
  •  Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Our products

Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas Superflame™ Low NOx Medium & High Velocity Burners

Designed for process temperatures up to 2500°F (1371°C), and incorporates two-stage combustion for low NOx.
The burner’s outer tube is made of advanced silicon carbide and the inner firing tube is made of stainless steel alloy. The high velocity burner incorporates two-stage combustion for low NOx. Specifically designed nozzles provide cool NOx-inhibiting first stage combustion. Final combustion occurs in the second stage area where combustion products exit at velocities of over 275fps (83mps) for medium velocity and 400fps (122mps) for high velocity.

Superflame combustion produces heat in dense loads and circulates the furnace for thorough heat uniformity enabling faster heat uniformity.  Superflame medium and High Velocity burners function well with ambient or preheated combustion air up to 700°F (371°C). Durable, lightweight SiC firing tubes are self-supporting.

The burners are ideal for installation in either brick or fiber wall furnaces, and are easily mounted to the furnace. The Superflame low NOx burner will work with ultraviolet detectors and most sizes also accept flame rod. Direct spark allows flexibility in designing the control system.

Features and Benefits

  • High excess air capability
  • Improved temperature uniformity
  • Alloy inner tube
  • Flame rod or ultra violet flame detection
  • Low NOx formation
  • High and medium velocity flame
  • Uniform temperature distribution

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Package Burner

Selas PC Package Burners are custom designed for air heating applications requiring nominal capacities from 200,000 to 30,000,000 BTU/hr. PC burners provide high turndown, reliable ignition, and flexible air and gas control options. Typical packages contain a burner, spark ignitor, flame rod and flame safeguard, blower and motor, gas train with air-fuel control, and prewired mounted control panel. For standard packages and more information on how to configure a PC burner package, see the PC Package Burner Selection Brochure. Selas support is available for all package components from burner to controller. Contact a Selas representative to find out how PC burners can best suit particular applications.

Air-Gas Modulation Options for Efficient Operation in Every Application
Flexible air-gas controller options allow for fixed air or ratio air modulation, as well as high/low gas control, gas-only modulation, or precision gas modulation to automatically adjust air-gas ratio to maintain oven temperature within 3°F. Air-gas ratios controlled with linkage system for easy adjustment in-house. 4-20mA signal control motors are standard with all gas modulation options.

Wide Range of Applications, One Burner
For burner applications that require 200,000 to 5MM BTU/hr, PC Package Burners offer several, flexible controller options and 40:1 turndown. Speciallydesigned package configurations available for very low BTU input applications that require consistent operation (i.e. roasting). Higher turndowns available for specially designed systems. Gas trains are approved for use in all countries and motors are available for 60Hz and 50Hz frequencies.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Combustion Controllers

Selas Combustion Controllers are precision premix systems for blending fuel gas and air. They are suitable for most fuels, mixing them with room air and compressing the mixture to deliver a precise, preset gas/air ratio at uniform pressure to the burners. Selas combustion controllers are available with two valve types:

  • Posimix® valves for applications requiring constant heat
  • CAV valves for processes requiring variable heating
The Posimix valve is used in positive displacement (Model PM) compressor and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems. Depending on the valve size, from B to F, and compressor/blower rating, these combustion controllers will provide a wide range of mixing capacities from 2,000 SCFH to 150,000 SCFH.

The CAV valve is used in positive displacement (Model CA) type and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems, to deliver optimum turndown range in capacities from 500 SCFH to 125,000 SCFH, depending on the valve size, 5 to 150, and the compressor/blower rating.

In either case, the precise combination of compressor/blower and valve selections also depend on other variables, such as the job type, the sea level elevation, the pressure and the capacity. A Selas applications engineer can make the best recommendation to deliver optimum performance. Check the model specifications and capacities in the link to the right, or click the “Request Info Or A Quote” link to get help.

Features and Benefits
  • Completely self-contained
  • Capacities available from 500 to over 150,000 SCFH of mixture
  • Output pressure to 6 psi
  • Precise gas/air ratio maintained over a wide turndown
  • Available with automatic ratio control
  • Low installation cost – single pipe delivery system for one or more control zones
  • For use with any clean commercial fuel gas containing less than 40% hydrogen
  • Rugged – provides years of trouble-free operation
  • Low maintenance

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Oxyfuel Forehearth Burner

The Selas Oxygen Forehearth burner has moved oxy forehearth technology forward by expanding the firing range of the burner with a 10 to 1 turndown. With the patented new nozzle design, forehearth operation can be simplified with the flexibility of a large firing range. Unique high pressure and low pressure zones allow the flame to exit the block without overheating the nozzles. Nozzles and blocks remain cooler and safer during operation with this tip design. The burner has been tested in a wide spectrum of typical block designs allowing for easy transition from air/gas firing to oxy/gas firing. Traditionally, Oxy Forehearths offer a 50% to 60% reduction in fuel consumption compared to Air Gas systems.

Additional benefits of the improved design include:
• Improved heat release over the glass bath
• Reduced maintenance of the burner
• Longer burner life with much cooler tips
• Reduced safety issues

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Regenerative Burner

The Selas FFA natural gas burner is designed for regenerative glass furnaces, with adjustable mechanism for flame length and energy release position. Three sizes  are available to provide flexibility for under port and side of port firing as well as end  port and crossfired furnaces. Inner and outer nozzle sizes are designed to fit furnace energy requirements to provide for control
of both the inner gas stream and outer gas stream, thereby improving control of flame length and heat release to the glass. The burner can include oil lances for back-up oil firing in the event natural gas is not available. The Outer Gas Stream (OGS) adjustment mechanism sets the velocity of the outer gas stream and thus the overall flame length. The Inner Gas Stream (IGS) adjustment mechanism increases or decreases the Natural Gas Flow to thru the Inner Nozzle and thus moves the heat release within the overall flame envelope.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Automatic Fire Checks

The Selas automatic firecheck valves, or flame arrestor, is basically a check valve which is closed by actuation of a thermal release.

Selas Automatic Firechecks Safeguard Personnel, Equipment & Processes.
The Selas automatic firecheck, or flame arrestor, is basically a check valve which is closed by actuation of a thermal release. Hardware includes a shut-off valve, check valve, corrugated fire screen, and a thermal latch. In normal operations, the combustible fuel/air mixture passes freely through these components. If flashback occurs, the sudden increase in back pressure will cause the check valve to close and momentarily interrupt the forward flow of the fuel/air mixture. The reduced flow and the internal configuration of the firecheck allow the backward-traveling flame to stop at the fire screen. The tiny holes and chilling capacity of the fire screen hold the flame on the screen until the thermal element is heated and releases the latch to close the shut-off valve. This valve-closure stops fuel/air flow and prevents the flashback from proceeding past the firecheck. The shut-off valve remains closed until manually reset.

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About us

Company portrait

Selas is a key supplier for combustion needs to the glass industry.

With the development of oxy-fired burners for the furnace and forehearth, Selas will lead the way to become the new global source for this technology. Oxygen and fuel safety and control systems will be designed and engineered for your specific local requirements and will be supported throughout the world.

SELAS provides a wide range of equipment and process systems to the glass industry, all engineered around the unique challenges of glass. We have experience with a variety of glass operations, including:

  • Regenerative burners and combustion system for Melter
  • Oxy Fuel burners and combustion system for Melter
  • Forehearth Premix combustion systems
  • Forehearth Oxy Gas burners and combustion system
  • Refiner and working end burners
  • Edge heating and canal combustion systems for float
  • Lehrs and ovens
  • Processing and polishing
Selas manufactures:
  • Burners and Controls for Primary Glass-Making Applications
  • Burners for Secondary Glass-Finishing Applications
  • Safety Equipment for Glass Applications

Company data

Area of business Glass manufacture/production technology

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