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Shanghai Jiehui Furnace New-Tech Co., Ltd.

Room 1201, No. 2 Building, Lane 1518 Youyi Road, Baoshan District, 201900 Shanghai

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Raw material for glass production

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Product category: Raw material for glass production

Vulcanizing material—the best choice

Our company supplies the thermal shock resistance silica brick (also called zero inflated silica brick) which is the domestic initiate high-tech product with very low temperature inflation rate and good thermal shock resistance. The content of silica is higher than 99%. RUL is higher than 1600℃. It can directly enter the 1600℃ furnace with no exploding possibility, and its corrosion resistance is excellent. All these features make it the best silica brick for furnace emergency hot repair. All experimental results prove this material can totally replace other expensive similar imported one.

Our company also supplies high performance hot repair materials applied to block the fire hole and the crevice. They can sinter the bricks fast, and have a series of features such as non-inflation under high temperature, thermal resistance, corrosion resistance and good durability.

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About us

Company portrait

Shanghai Jiehui Furnace New-tech Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, a professional engaged in industrial furnace hot repair service enterprises. The company's comprehensive strength in the aspects of talent reserve, technical ability, construction force and service level occupies the leading position in the same industry in china.

Our company is a customer demand oriented technology R & D enterprise, our expert team has long been committed to refractories and furnace maintenance technology research and development work. The company has a number of patented technologies, master ceramic welding, thermal spraying, injection, grouting and other advanced construction of a variety of means, but also equipment and developed a number of advanced and practical detection and simulation experiment equipment, we can make for a variety of furnace damage situation to make accurate diagnosis and evaluation, so as to give the matching materials and maintenance plan. This is also different from our competitors, but also reflects the spirit of the company - "professional" + "continuous optimization."".

Follow this spirit, through all the processes we provide customers with services, the purpose is to provide customers with the most appropriate solutions, in order to obtain the best economic benefits of furnace life.

Our service industry glass industry, coking, metallurgy and lime, offers a variety of services for hundreds of heat treatment furnaces, including the most famous enterprises in various industries, such as Baosteel, GE, Alcoa, Saint Gobain, bow glass, Formosa Plastics Group, China building materials, have been customers sincere praise.