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Crown Electrokinetics Corp

1110, NE Circle Blvd, 97330 Corvallis OR
Telephone +1 800 674-3612

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Other surface coating materials

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Product category: Other surface coating materials

The DynamicTint™ Difference

DynamicTint™ is a comprehensive, sustainable solution that addresses features where other smart glass technologies fall short. Most importantly, DynamicTint™ is the only retrofit solution, while other technologies requires replacing your existing glass.

Using electrokinetic technology, it has the ability to transition glass from clear to true black in seconds. Unlike other smart glass, DynamicTint™ requires very low energy usage to power the tinting and can be configured to use solar power or battery. All of these features in conjunction with the existing benefits of smart glass technology, will allow buildings and homes to significantly reduce their energy consumption for years to come.

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About us

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On a mission to change the way we look at glass.

After nearly two decades commercializing intellectual property, working with over 20,000 patents, Doug Croxall came across technology that had been earmarked to be divested by Hewlett-Packard which presented an unrivaled business opportunity. He not only acquired the technology but left his job as the chairman and CEO of a publicly-traded company to lead the newly-formed venture, Crown Electrokinetics.

The technology was originally designed to control the light passing through plastic, like that used in Amazon’s Kindle, but the Crown team saw a much bigger opportunity in the emerging smart glass industry. Crown’s pigment-based film, called DynamicTint™, allows a glass surface to transition between clear and dark in seconds. It could even change the color of the glass. Most significantly, it could be retrofit to existing glass, unlike the vast majority of competing offerings that require glass to be replaced entirely.

A smart solution for all glass.

With its affordable smart glass solution applicable across transportation, residential housing, and commercial building markets, Crown has partnered with Asahi Glass Company and also garnered a strategic investment from Hudson Pacific Properties (NYSE: HPP), one of the largest office building owners in the western US.

From your car to your house to your office, Crown’s DynamicTint™ allows you to easily control a room’s lighting at the touch of a button. This can not only replace cumbersome window treatments but studies also show that natural lighting can enhance your mood and productivity. Best of all, this can even save you money on air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

Building for a sustainable future.

Crown’s technology helps the planet by making buildings more sustainable. This is achieved in many ways. It lowers a building owner’s energy consumption by controlling the amount of light, and therefore heat, that enters a room, which reduces the need for HVAC and lighting during the day. DynamicTint™ is powered by solar strips, further reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, DynamicTint™ retrofits existing glass, eliminating the need to replace and install new windows.

As the leader in retrofit smart glass, Crown boasts a unique financial profile to investors. Without needing to replace existing glass, Crown’s addressable market is significantly larger than that of competing smart glass offerings. Furthermore, DynamicTint™ is highly scalable and enjoys attractive margins since it’s manufactured with abundant, inexpensive materials.